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We’re an ambitious, creative, passionate bunch. We work hard. We play hard (our legendary nights out are testament to that). And we love what we do. We are MoreNiche.

Affiliate Specialist Team

Guardians of the affiliate galaxy

The Affiliate Specialist team has your back from the moment you become a MoreNiche affiliate right through to making your very first sale and beyond. Need help getting started? Finding the right offer? Figuring out your sales reports? Getting to grips with a new marketing method? Whether you’re a total newbie or an old hand, these guys are your go-to experts for all your affiliate marketing needs. Always on the lookout for new marketing ideas and opportunities to share with you, their expert advice and suggestions on how to improve your sites, traffic, conversions and more will help you quickly and consistently increase your sales and grow your affiliate business. With this lovely bunch at your service, becoming a kickass affiliate is a doddle.

Arbie Ann Pollard

Head of Affiliates

Catherine Day

UK & Middle East Affiliate Specialist

Martyn Slack

North America Affiliate Specialist

Karla Villegas

Spanish Affiliate Specialist

Emily Matthews

Asia Pacific Affiliate Specialist

Alessio Di Cienzo

Italian Affiliate Specialist

Conversion Team

99 problems but conversions ain't one

Experts in design, copywriting, localisation and of course, conversion rate optimisation join forces to create one badass conversion team. These conversion masters maximise the percentage of your visitors that convert into paying customers by continuously improving the functionality, design, user experience and marketing messaging of the sites you send your traffic to. Armed with the best testing and analytics tools, they carry out daily research, experimentation, testing and results analysis to find out what is and what isn’t working with our brand websites. The result? More of your traffic converts, and you make more sales. They’ll even share all their secrets with you over on their test results page here so you can reap the benefits of CRO on your own sites. They’re nice like that.

Rui Matos

Head of Conversions

Josephin Crichton

Conversion Specialist

Rachel Romero

Copy Specialist

Darjan Panic

Design Specialist

Traffic Team

More traffic than the M25

Our resident traffic masterminds use their skills in SEO, email, video and social media marketing, paid search advertising and remarketing to increase awareness of the brands you promote. Their job is to get the brands out there in front of consumers and build their trust in the brand. Which makes them more likely to buy. How does that benefit you? Increased brand awareness means increased interest in that brand. Which means more online searches around the brand as more people search for info and reviews around it. Which means you’ll get more traffic to your affiliate site. From people who are more likely to buy from you. Nice huh? There’s more. The team also work their butts off maintaining customer engagement with the brand well after that first order so they stay happy, loyal and more likely to reorder, again and again. Which, with our lifetime cookies that allow you to earn ongoing commission from repeat orders, is very good news for you.

Sandis Viksna

Email Specialist

James Plumb

Social Media Specialist

Daniel Lawman

SEO Specialist

George Powell

Remarketing Specialist

Rachel Ashmore

Video & Photography Specialist

Sally Harwood

Blog Specialist

Hannah Kitching

Social Media Specialist

Chris Bliss

Design Specialist

Development Team

Welcome to the dark side of the office

With experts in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and PHP5 through to 7, Wordpress. Docker, Nginx, Network & Database Administration and a helluva lot more, the force is strong with these ones. These guys know their stuff. And then some. Bug in the code? Glitch in the Matrix? Total software meltdown? They’re all over it like hair on Chewbacca. If it breaks, they’ll fix it. Not broken? They’ll make it work even better. These guys keep the MoreNiche website, servers and all our brand sites running fast and smooth, our tracking system fully operational and provide bang-up technical support to us mere mortals. With more wizardry up their sleeves than Gandalf himself, when it comes to the tech stuff these most definitely are the droids you’re looking for.

Arduino Di Giosia

Head of Development

Abad Rahman

Development Specialist

Neil Clayton

Development Specialist

Ricardo Ferreira

Development Specialist

Back Office Team

Law & Order: back office unit

To you, finance manager Agnese is the one who makes sure you get paid on time. To us, she’s the office mum. She looks after us, makes sure the office is always looking smart and keeps the cupboards stocked with copious amounts of tea and coffee, all while juggling the business finances. Meanwhile, compliance administrator Kristina keeps the naughty affiliates in check. Spy-like, she’s always on the watch, ensuring affiliates are promoting in line with our honest and ethical marketing policies. Misbehaving affiliates beware!

Agnese Viksna

Finance Specialist


The town sheriffs

Operations Director Kirstie has her hands full managing us lot. Kind of like a behind-the-scenes ninja, she oversees the day to day running of MoreNiche (no mean feat), streamlines business processes, turns our strategic plans into actions and results and ensures we’re consistently living up to our core values. In other words, she keeps this ship on course. How does she do this? By recruiting, supporting and nurturing a team of all-stars! But the real mastermind behind this whole gig is Andrew. He’s the head honcho. Which isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. Because if there’s a problem, it usually ends up on his desk. When he’s not firefighting, he’s busy hatching the next crazy plan for MoreNiche!

Kirstie Gascoyne

Operations Director

Andrew Slack


Catch-a-Bone Team

Chief morale officers

There’s never a ruff day at MNHQ with these lovable mutts dishing out the puppy love. In exchange for treats, belly rubs and endless games of fetch, they provide us with plenty of laughs and cuddles, the odd bit of slobber (and the occasional funny smells). They’re also really good at getting us up off our backsides and out for regular walkies. Our office doggos are the real stars of the show.


Toy Destruction Specialist


Face Licking Specialist


Boxing Specialist


Noise Specialist


Toe Chewing Specialist

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