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XYZ smart collagen is a revolutionary new collagen system designed to maintain healthy, young-looking skin. The purpose of this smart collagen cream is to create a balance between collagen production and the breakdown of collagen within the skin. By doing so the user can achieve tighter, smoother skin and reduce their appearance by up to 7.5 years in just 12 weeks.
XYZ Smart Collagen Box

The key ingredient for XYZ is obtained from the leaf sap of the South African medical plant Bulbine frutescens. Once extracted, the plant leaves are cold pressed to ensure the maximum amount of sap is withdrawn whilst maintaining it’s active compounds.

Consciously managing collagen activity in the skin can help to counteract premature signs of ageing, such as loss of collagen, sagging skin, reduced firmness and elasticity, increased wrinkles or impaired overall appearance which can be caused by factors such as increased sunlight exposure, air pollution, stress and so on.

As well as maintaining youthful looking skin XYZ collagen can also have an immediate soothing effect on tattooed skin. Once skin is tattooed the scar tissue underneath the tattoo can cause collagen to be synthesised too fast. This is where XYZ smart collagen can help tattooed skin as the formula restores the equilibrium between collagen production and the breakdown of collagen.


  • 30% commission 
  • High quality collagen cream with multi functions
  • PR campaign to increase brand awareness
  • Selection of resources including keyword lists, images and banners
  • Lifetime cookies

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