The bodybuilding market is on trend right now and growing very quickly. The market size is massive with an estimated $2.7 billion spent per year in the US only (Wikipedia).

Unlike some other health niches, gym goers are extremely social and this makes for some exciting promotions via sticky content, social media, blogs and video-blogs.

Budding bodybuilding affiliates should knuckle down and learn their trade as the average sports supplement user is highly educated and understands what they put in their bodies.

Fitness enthusiasts are typically 20-45 years old, well-educated with high disposable incomes. They are striving to attain a certain image and are putting the effort in to achieve results, consumers are buying the promise of looking good, not the actual product which achieves that (Target Marketing).

So, what are you waiting for? You can join a bodybuilding affiliate program below, research the market and the products and start making money today.



    Bodybuilding Affiliate Program Building muscle and toning the body is no longer just for bodybuilders. With more and more gyms opening, building muscle has become more popular over the past … Continued

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    GH Advanced

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    TestBoost Affiliate Program

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