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Phen375 is a popular phentermine replacement diet pill available without prescription. It joined the MoreNiche network in 2009 and since then has seen phen-omenal growth (up 250% last year) and is the highest payer of affiliate commissions in the network ($1.3m last year).

Phen375 affiliate program offers 45% commission on both new and repeat orders with regular reminder and offer emails sent to the customer base bringing you more re-orders (up to 33% in any month) and on-going commissions.

The Phen375 affiliate program offers lifetime cookies and uses advanced tracking technology to ensure you are created with every sale.

You will also benefit from a dedicated affiliate manager and a wide range of resources which include; content articles, banners, call to action graphics, product pictures, before and after images, wordpress templates, sample diet plans and a selection of diet and exercise videos on our ever growing YouTube channel.

Product Information

The safe and effective formulation of Phen375 provides a prescription-strength, pharmaceutical grade product that acts as a fat burner and appetite suppressant and helps you to lose 3-5lbs a week.

Phen375 customers also have access to a tailored diet program and weight loss and exercise videos.

Target Market

Phen375 ships worldwide with sales in 163 countries so far in 2012. Top of these are US, Australia, UK, Canada and France. French, German, Spanish, Greek, Dutch and Danish merchant sites are due to be launched shortly.

The product appeals to both male and female (35:65 split) between 18 and 65. Whilst females are the largest segment of the diet market, 35% male users is much higher than the industry average.

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  • Jason

    I have been recommending Phen375 for a few months now. The support from More Niche has been excellent, and has really helped me to create a good site that converts well. There are some other excellent diet products in more niche, and it really is worth looking through them all to see which product suits your site.

  • Priaa

    I think Phen375 is one of the BEST products in MN. It’s easy to convert and the commission is also amazing plus it has a great reorder rate. So, Phen375 is like a source of constant income :-)

  • Jay

    I have been promoting Phen375 for a couple of years now and it is one of my best performers with conversions of 1/12. There are plenty of resources from CTA’s to articles to complete websites. Everything you need to make money.

  • karkunum

    I promote few brands since last year. I just update my website once in a while and hoping to get sales from it. After 1 year and a half, I don’t get any sales and frustrated. But last month I got my first sale from Phen375. I was really shocked to see this and almost don’t believe about it. Now I focus on Phen375 because the commission is very high and all resources are inside MoreNiche. Lifetime cookie is amazing! Even though English is not my language, I feel happy to be Phen375 affiliate.

  • Raglady

    Really love Phen375, great product, great commission and so… the best.

  • darko78

    No doubt, Phen375 is the best selling product in the whole MN network and I believe best converting too. If I have to start now affiliate marketing, I will start with Phen375 because, in my opinion, there is a higestt chance to start making sales.

  • Zlatko

    I haven’t promoted Phen375 yet, but I still made few sales just by adding a little Phen375 banner on my other review site :) This is almost a “self selling product” and I plan to start promote it a.s.a.p.

  • B_Paul

    Great product, high commission… best part repeat rate, I love repeat order & lifetime commission, that’s makes the big difference b/w Phen375 Affilite Program and other phentermine or weight loss affiliate program.

  • Chigo

    Great product, easily marketable.

  • Hitesh

    Great product with great money value & generator too

  • Georgi Georgiev

    Phen375 is my #1 choice when it comes to affiliate marketing. It’s a great product! I also want to say “Thanks” to Cat and the MoreNiche team to helping us in our internet marketing adventure. Phen375 is #1, no doubt.

  • aghachrist

    best product here at moreniche affiliate programe i like the life time cookies system that help us with confidence to work more as affiliate

    Thanks alot

  • Ben

    Amazing product which is in great demand and easily marketable. High commission and worth the effort to sell.

  • Mj

    The product is safe and effective that’s why it’s very easy to sell. Phen375 is one of the best weight loss product in the market today.

  • neethem

    The most important reason I keep pushing Phen375 (for almost one year now) is the re-orders I see when I check my commission stats. I really love it when people re-order the products I promote. It gives me a sense of happiness as I know the products indeed worked for the customers who paid for them. Phen375 is such a product and with the MoreNiche team backing me up and helping me out on every small problem, there is no reason I should not be a big fan of it!

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