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SizeGenetics Affiliate Program

Earn up to $175 per sale!





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The most powerful penis enlargement device on the market
Clinically proven, medically endorsed
Double money back guarantee
Promote 3 PE packages & 1 curvature & peyronies edition

Brand Overview

Dubbed “the Rolls Royce of penis extenders” by The Jonathan Ross Show, SizeGenetics is the most powerful penis enlargement device on the market. Clinically proven to increase penis size, SizeGenetics offers 50% more tension than other leading devices, is endorsed by doctors and backed by an authentic medical device certificate. With over 20 years on the market, SizeGenetics has a sterling reputation for safety, quality and big results (as demonstrated by its extremely low return rate), and is the only penis extender company to show real before and after photos. A double money back guarantee and a full refund in exchange for a testimonial give you even more good reasons to persuade your customers to buy.  

SizeGenetics has repeatedly received positive media recognition from the likes of GQ magazine, The Daily Express, Channel 4’s Extreme Male Beauty and The Jonathan Ross Show, making it even easier for you to promote to your site visitors. Not many brands will give you commissions like this. With each sale putting up to $175 in your pocket, there’s big bucks to be made with SizeGenetics.

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Money back guarantee

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How Much Will I Earn?

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Average Conversion Rate
1.51 %
Average Order Value
$ 269.37
50 %
Traffic Per Month
Earning potential

$ 2033 / month

$ 24400 / year

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Get over 239 promotional resources to help you promote SizeGenetics to your site visitors. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Tell us what you want and we’ll get it!


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Target the right people and you’ll make more sales. Here’s who’s interested in SizeGenetics.

Top 10 Sales Countries

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wc 86%

of visitors
are male

date_range 34%

of visitors are
aged 25-34

phone_iphone 62%

of visitors use
their mobile phone

Help & Support Promoting SizeGenetics

Expert Help and Advice: Whatever your marketing experience, our friendly Affiliate Specialists are here to help you get started, make sales and grow your affiliate business.
Free Website Review: Get an in-depth review of your affiliate site and expert advice on how to improve your site performance, ranking, conversions and more. Contact your Affiliate Specialist when you join MoreNiche and ask for your free site review.
Incentives & Bonuses: SizeGenetics runs regular sales incentives and bonuses. Keep an eye on our socials, emails and newsletter for upcoming offers.
Benefits Club: Earn rewards based on the number of (network wide) sales you make each month. The more you sell, the more you’ll get! Click here to learn more about the MoreNiche benefits club.

Affiliate Testimonials

Affiliates love promoting SizeGenetics. Here’s why:


“I love promoting SizeGenetics because of the high commissions and the fact it’s a clinically proven and established brand. The merchant is willing to test new things and the recent price changes have had a positive impact on conversions”


“I can tell you that is the No.1 penis extender, if you want to promote something good, go with SizeGenetics!”


“Great Merchant that converts very well, unique product that serves laser targeted niche market. Recommended for every affiliate out there!”

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Sales Tracking & Reporting

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Payment Methods & Schedules

Bi-weekly Payouts: 1st & 15th of each month

Payment Methods:

Payment Currencies: USD, GBP, EUR

Start promoting SizeGenetics now and you could earn as much as:

$ 24400 / year

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