Spotlight With Cheng

Cheng was willing to take a few risks and as a result he's now a successful affiliate

Interview With Cheng

Cheng recently grew his sales so much over a three month period that his earnings skyrocketed and he ranked up to a Ruby rating. But it’s his impact on a particular MoreNiche offer that has been most noticeable to us. Cheng doesn’t promote our best selling offers. Instead, he focuses on offers where he sees an opportunity.

Cheng has been driving a significant percentage of sales for one of our offers and increasing brand awareness through his bidding on generic terms. This has been instrumental in the advertiser’s decision to begin manufacturing in the US as well as the UK, meaning faster shipping times for all customers.

Cheng is also willing to take risks and test out new offers, and is working hard to expand into more niches and offers. Paid traffic seems never to be without challenges, but when faced with them instead of giving up and moving on, he works around them and comes back stronger.

We got together with Cheng to ask him a few questions…


Q1 How long have you been an affiliate and how did you get started?

It’s been 6 years since I noticed this industry when I was studying at college.

Q2 What attracted you to MoreNiche?< Solid products with no free trial scams, stable payment and great support from professional affiliate managers.


Q3 What advice do you have for affiliates interested in running paid traffic to MoreNiche offers?

Choose a good tracking software and build great pre-sale landing pages. Then just do the best to optimize the traffic.


Q4 How do you make use of 3rd party tracking tools to optimise your campaigns?

3rd party tracking tools can give me more details to optimize my campaigns, help me make decisions and easily do things based on the ROI.


Q5 Are there any blogs, forums or tools you use that you would recommend to other affiliates?

Forum: StackThatMoney. Tracking: Voluum, Blog:charlesngo.com


Q6 Have you been to any affiliate events? If so, would you recommend them to others and why?

Yes, I went to Affiliate World Asia, Thailand. The only reason for me is that I’m living in China, and Thailand is the nearest place with no VISA issues, I guess it’s the only affiliate event hosted in Asia. It’s great, worth it to go.


Q7 Do you have a role model or someone who inspires you?

My previous partner, he made $1,000,000 in a single month on affiliate marketing.

Q8 When you’re not working on your campaigns what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoying doing the “spy” work, searching around on Google to see what others are doing.