Spotlight With Katherine-Roxanne & Thierry

With MoreNiche since 2010

Interview With Katherine-Roxanne & Thierry

Q1 Tell us a little bit about yourselves and what led you to working as full-time affiliates?

K-R: When started my blog back in 2009, I realised people were really interested in buying diet pills online (although I was writing about eating healthily) so I started looking to promote honest products that actually work. That’s how I found MoreNiche. MoreNiche is the first affiliate platform I worked with. I soon realised that affiliation worked well for me so I put more effort in and eight months later, I decided to quit my day job to concentrate working on my blog. I became a full time affiliate in July 2010.


Q2 How long have you been with MoreNiche?

Since February 2010.


Q3 How did you first make money when you started your affiliate marketing career?

K-R: I first made money with french diet CPA programmes like Montignac and Dukan, for example. But when I started promoting Proactol and Phen375, I concentrated my efforts on recommending products instead of talking about diets.

Q4 What is your biggest success to date?

K-R: With the MoreNiche products Phen375 (before the composition change) and PhenQ.
But overall, my biggest success is with my own recipe books.


Q5 What is your strategy when you launch a new affiliate site?

K-R: We do our best to know everything about the product we’re writing about, it is important that people feel that we know what we’re talking about.


Q6 What is your most successful traffic source?

Google free traffic and my Facebook fan page.


Q7 How has affiliate marketing affected your lifestyle?

We work when we want and can take vacations easily but it doesn’t mean we don’t work a lot, it means we have flexibility with our work hours.


Q8 Who has inspired you the most and why?

Tough question, we don’t have any mentor.


Q9 What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

T: If it’s not good, make it look good (a quote from Bill Gates). To me, it means that our work doesn’t have to be perfect. We must try something and see if it works – don’t wait until it is perfect because it never will be anyway.

K-R: Always create new programs, new posts, new stuff (from a friend that has an online business too). To me it means to be in a constant creative state of mind; not to take for granted that the job is over but to always keep myself busy.


Q10 What are your plans for the future?

LOL we have no idea and are actually talking about it!

For sure, we will continue to create new recipe books and reviews about new products but we have many projects in mind for this fall when our boy will be in daycare.