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Alessio Di Cienzo

Alessio Di Cienzo

Affiliate Mentor

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Alessio grew up in a small Italian city called Sulmona. Since childhood he’s always been passionate about technology and computers, as well as about the human mind. He grew up practicing Hapkido, and later learned other martial arts as well as meditation techniques.

After deciding to pursue his interest in IT, Alessio started work as an iOS developer and continued to grow his passion through web development and game development. He experimented with several technologies and programming languages and thanks to his technical background and interest in psychology, he found the perfect match in Digital Marketing.

He now spends his spare time getting involved in many different interests such as design, music, painting, personal development and well-being. Thanks to his diverse background he can help both his team and affiliates on a range of different aspects of the business.


What’s your favourite drink?


What’s your favourite film?

I have many, but if I have to choose one in particular I would say Ghostbusters (1984)

Who’s your childhood hero?

Indiana Jones

Where’s your favourite place?

Anywhere I’m with my girlfriend

Impress us with your qualifications

I’m taking a degree in Psychology

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I love to learn and try new things, I’m what is called a Renaissance Man or Multipotentialite

Got any children or pets?

Not for now

What d’ya wanna be when you grow up?

I’m planning to stay young and live forever

How would your best friend describe you?


What’s your biggest achievement?

There are several things that I’m equally proud of, but if I have to choose one I would say being first in a martial art tournament.

Recommend us a website

Ted Talks are amazing to learn new things and improve yourself.

What are you passionate about?

Digital Marketing

What do you excel at?

Problem solving

Tell us about a time you provided great service to someone or something

In my previous working experiences in and out of IT I was always engaged in one way or another with helping customers solving their problems, and it’s something that I really enjoy doing.