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Eddie Kremanis

Eddie Kremanis

Affiliate Mentor

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The first time I came across affiliate marketing was when my brother Vairo brought me into it back in 2005/06.

Since then I’ve always liked the idea of affiliate marketing, I just couldn’t really get around to doing it. There just weren’t enough hours what with my full-time job plus a web design & SEO business I ran at that time, which I really enjoyed.

I joined MoreNiche as an affiliate back in 2008 and worked on a few small sites but nothing serious.

The first serious project I started back in 2013 turned out to be very successful and in the first year I made around $15k. I was hooked… From that point onwards my life changed completely: I closed down my SEO company, left my full-time job and after 10 years living in the UK moved back home to Latvia.

With lots of free time on my hands, I grew my affiliate business to 5 figures a month and became one of the leading affiliates in my niche.

A couple of years ago I decided to sell my sites as I had a second child on the way and wanted to take a break and focus on the family.

Then in March 2018 I joined MoreNiche as the Silver Affiliate Mentor.

My experience mainly lies in SEO and content marketing, I’m also a certified Inbound Marketing Specialist.


What’s your favourite drink?

A good cup of coffee

What’s your favourite film?

Don’t really have one, I like so many I couldn’t pick a favourite

Who’s your childhood hero?

It probably would have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger

Where’s your favourite place?

With family by the lake in our secret location

Impress us with your qualifications

MBA, Certified Inbound Marketing Professional

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I’m a Showelrace champion in Latvia

Show us your favourite picture

Eddie's Favourite Photo

Got any children or pets?

Son: Eric
Son: Rodrigo
Dog: Lucky

What d’ya wanna be when you grow up?

Myself – just filthy rich!

How would your best friend describe you?


What’s your biggest achievement?

My family

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What are you passionate about?

Showelrace, fishing, family and living in the countryside

What do you excel at?

Problem solving, analysis, long term vision, patience

Tell us about a time you provided great service to someone or something

Being with my wife when she was pregnant, gave birth to both of our awesome boys, and being there in their first years of life.