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Emily Earle

Emily Earle

Academy Manager

Languages Spoken


Emily grew up in a small village in Staffordshire before moving to Derby in 2010 to start university. She spent three years studying graphic design and towards the end of her degree had a keen interest in visual merchandising.

She took a short course in VM to gain some experience in the field before looking for a job, but with few jobs around Emily started exploring other paths to take and stumbled across a digital marketing graduate scheme.

Securing herself a place on the two-month internship she spent the next eight weeks learning a new discipline from scratch and working hard to prove she was worthy of a job at the end of the scheme. Fortunately, this is how things played out and she spent the next two years gaining experience in various areas of digital marketing, including affiliate marketing. Emily really enjoyed working with the affiliate channel and decided that this was the path she would like to follow. The experience Emily had previously gained helped her to secure her position at MoreNiche.

Outside of work Emily enjoys socializing with friends and making time to visit all of her family. She now resides in a little village in South Derbyshire having bought her first home with her husband to be!


What’s your favourite drink?

Builders brew

What’s your favourite film?

Pitch Perfect

Who’s your childhood hero?

Any of The Spice Girls

Where’s your favourite place?


Impress us with your qualifications

BA Hons Degree in Graphic Design

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I had my final year university fees paid off as a prize for scoring in the top 3 during a graduate scheme project.

Show us your favourite picture

Basically any photo of my dog!


Got any children or pets?

I don’t have any children yet but would love to start a family one day! I have a beautiful Staffy who is a family pet and lives with my parents, she is called Lola (as pictured above!)

What d’ya wanna be when you grow up?


How would your best friend describe you?

Fun, caring and organized

What’s your biggest achievement?

Graduating and getting my foot on the career ladder by the age of 20 and buying my own house!

Recommend us a website

I can literally spend hours on this website trawling through photos and pinning things that take my fancy, it’s fantastic when you’re lacking inspiration, or just want to pass some time!

What are you passionate about?

I find that when you are passionate about something you tend to get more out of it or do a much better job of it. If I’m doing something whether that be my day to day job or something on the weekend, if I’m not passionate about it then what’s the point?! I would hate to turn up to work everyday without any passion for my job, I enjoy working in the digital marketing field and moreso with affiliates! I am passionate about doing my job to the best of my ability because it is so much more rewarding when you are proud of what you acheive day to day. Since we spend so much of our lives working I believe it is vital to have passion for what you do.

What do you excel at?

I think one of the things I do really well is being organised! I am the complete opposite of spontanious but that does mean I love making lists and planning in both my work and personal life. I like to think this enables me to stay on top of all my todo’s whether it’s following up with all of my lovely affiliates or organising household chores! Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, remember!

Tell us about a time you provided great service to someone or something

I already mentioned about having passion for doing my job to the best of my ability and in doing so I aim to provide the best service to my affiliates! Since working at MoreNiche I have received some lovely messages from affiliates acknowledging how I’ve helped them achieve their goals or a thank you for resolving an issue for them. Often it may only be a small thing, but it’s super rewarding when someone thanks you for your service. This definitely motivates me to continue working hard and doing everything I can to help both affiliates and my team!