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Rachel Ashmore

Rachel Ashmore

Video & Photography Specialist

Languages Spoken


Rachel has always had a creative flair and a passion for media projects. It started at a young age recording ‘cookery shows’, ‘episodes of Eastenders’ and every song and dance number from Grease with her friends. Maintaining this enthusiasm for creative projects eventually led to a First Class Honours Degree in Media Production.

Never losing interest in her chosen subject, Rachel still gets involved in various media projects in her spare time; recent ones have included a science fiction short film competition and a music video for a local band.

After graduating from University, Rachel’s first job was teaching radio production in schools with the aim of improving student’s literacy and boosting their confidence. Joining the company at its inception, Rachel drafted a four-day adaptable learning program that could be used by all students from nursery to sixth-form age in any school. Some years later Rachel found her way into affiliate marketing and spent two and a half years as one of our affiliate managers – working closely with and travelling the world to meet some of our top affiliates.

In an interesting twist of fate MoreNiche found itself in need of a Video and Photography Specialist and it seemed only natural that resident media-buff, Rachel should fill the role. Now that creative flair is put to good use everyday for our brands and affiliates. In her spare time Rachel continues her media obsession, working her way through every ‘credible’ tv series or film ever made with her equally obsessed partner, Guy. In contradiction to her main passion, Rachel does like to be outdoors and enjoys daily walks with her dog, Garth as well as seaside holidays and the annual Glastonbury pilgrimage!


What’s your favourite drink?

Gin & Tonic

What’s your favourite film?

I resent having to choose just one but Pulp Fiction is pretty perfect!

Who’s your childhood hero?

A bit of a weird one… Mitch from Baywatch! I loved that show (tastes have since improved)

Where’s your favourite place?

Glastonbury Festival – there’s nowhere like it

Impress us with your qualifications

BA Hons in Media Production

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I’m actually into wilderness survival and bushcraft – I’ve even built a shelter in the woods near my house

Show us your favourite picture

My ridiculous dog digging to Australia!


Got any children or pets?

Garth, he’s my dog and best friend. Three quarters German Shepherd with a little Malamute thrown in. He’s handsome, comical, cheeky and more intelligent than some people I’ve met!!

What d’ya wanna be when you grow up?


How would your best friend describe you?

Mum! I cook for them, fix anything broken and I’m not afraid to tell them off if they need it!

What’s your biggest achievement?

Getting a 1st at University or maybe buying my first home

Recommend us a website

IMDB of course – the International Movie Database. So many times has it saved me from the frustration of ‘oh what have I seen him/her in before?’ That doesn’t sound like a big deal but without it countless films and tv shows would have been ruined by that nagging feeling of not knowing who you’re looking at!

What are you passionate about?

Other than what I’ve already mentioned and the obvious (film, family, friends and Garth), I would have to say that I’m passionate about equality and making the world a better place. I think the world needs a little more empathy and a little less division. We’re all equally important no matter where we’re born, what wealth we have, or what colour, gender, sexuality or age we are.

What do you excel at?

Problem solving through creative solutions.

Tell us about a time you provided great service to someone or something

Having spent so much time in a client facing role, it’s quite difficult to think of one stand-out occasion. I am proud to say though that I consider myself to be a strong voice in our affiliates’ corner within the company, always putting their needs first.