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Rheya Sahni

Rheya Sahni

Affiliate Mentor

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Born and raised in Hyderabad, India, Rheya has successfully completed courses in International Business and Marketing before joining the world of Affiliate Marketing in 2010.

Her first job in the industry with a Canadian Network, taught Rheya the tricks and trade of the industry as she continues to learn and grow each day. She is known to be extremely responsive, self-motivated, organized and learning the needs of her publishers; Being available for her clients and team is a strong idea at the core of her professionalism.

Rheya is an avid traveller, ready to head out at short notice when a suitable opportunity presents itself. Different cultures and people fascinate and motivate her to travel to new destinations. She loves music and spending weekends unwinding with family and friends.


What's your favourite drink?

Apple Martini

What's your favourite film?

Fast & Furious

Who's your childhood hero?

Tom Cruise

Where's your favourite place?

Santorini, Greece

Impress us with your qualifications

Graduate in Bachelor of Arts with English Honors

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

Very traditional and family oriented at heart

Show us your favourite picture

Got any children or pets?

My pug is my child, he is called Fudge 🙂

What d'ya wanna be when you grow up?

Successful and Happy

How would your best friend describe you?

Fun to hang out with

What's your biggest achievement?

Being recognised and appreciated for my work by many in the industry

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What are you passionate about?


What do you excel at?

Problem-solving and completing tasks within deadlines

Tell us about a time you provided a great service to someone or something

At a company I worked at previously I was managing a large number of Advertisers and Publishers and was able to achieve targets well within the deadlines.