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I’m in! How do I switch?

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Switch + Promise: Switch your current traffic to MoreNiche brands and earn more commission – guaranteed. If not, we’ll pay you the difference

Terms and Conditions:

  1. New affiliates who want to switch to MN brands with Switch + Promise must provide information of their historical earnings or the commission of the product/s they want to switch.
  2. Switch + Promise is only applicable to related offers.
  3. Commission increase applies to the first 30 days following the switch, after which standard commissions apply. 
  4. Switch + Promise must run for one full month before any earnings derived from the difference between two offers can be claimed.
  5. MN has the right to refuse affiliates to use Switch + Promise.
  6. MN has the right to stop a Switch + Promise offer if an affiliate is found to be  non compliant to the network’s terms and conditions.