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Tag: affiliate

By George Powell

How to Structure your AdWords campaigns

When you first start using AdWords, the layout of the user interface can be a little confusing. While the flexibility of AdWords is one of the reasons it’s such a leader in the industry, this can be a drawback for new users trying to find their way around it. So it’s good to be well-organised … Continued

September 21, 2017
Weight Loss

By Karla Villegas


Because of its size, profitability and potential, ‘weight loss’ is one of the most popular affiliate marketing niches within the health sector. Health and wellness continue to be relevant topics for content and offers in digital marketing due to the impact of the growing world obesity epidemic. While the online weight loss niche is very … Continued

February 13, 2017
Happy Affiliate

By Sally Harwood

Could Offline Affiliate Marketing Be Your Saving Grace?

As an affiliate marketer, you’ve probably never even considered offline marketing. Many people would be confused about how it would even work in relation to making affiliate sales. After all, you need an affiliate link, right? While it’s true that you do need an affiliate link in most cases (except when using your own exclusive … Continued

December 29, 2016
Article Marketing

By Rachel Romero

Article Marketing: Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

A common question from people looking to be affiliate marketers is ‘can you do affiliate marketing without a website?’  Of course, social media makes this possible but lacks the opportunity to create in-depth quality content which visitors usually require when making a decision to buy. You therefore look to article marketing; submitting your content to … Continued

October 17, 2016
Content Marketing

By Emily Matthews

Free Ebook – The Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Content Creation

Content plays a huge role in being an affiliate and there’s certainly a lot more to it than throwing a few sentences together! To help you get your head around different content types, things to consider when creating content and ways of generating original content ideas, I have put together The Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to … Continued

June 30, 2016
WordPress Theme

By Martyn Slack

How To Pick A WordPress Theme & 5 Recommended Affiliate Themes

Picking a WordPress theme for your website is not always easy. You want your site to look as good as possible but at the same time be able to effectively sell the products or services your are promoting. Free themes are okay to start with. However, you are going to want to eventually start using … Continued

June 13, 2016