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Tag: brand

By Sally Harwood

The Importance Of Brand Identity In Affiliate Marketing

At MoreNiche, hundreds of our affiliates have no real ‘brand’ to speak of on their affiliate site. These tend to be our lowest earning affiliates. Top affiliates understand the importance of a good, recognisable logo on their site – and indeed a brand identity for their site as a whole. It’s what sets their sites … Continued

June 12, 2017

By Rachel Ashmore


Have you ever noticed that even though two brands sell similar products or provide the same service, you seem to relate to one better than the other? This is down to brand personality. What about your own brand? Have you thought about its personality and with whom it resonates most? If you’re reading and this … Continued

March 13, 2017
Social Media

By James Plumb

The Biggest Social Media Faux Pas

We’ve all been there. You accidentally friend request the person whose profile you’re looking at, Tweeted the wrong account, or liked a photo from 2011 during a sneaky Facebook stalking session. But we are just normal people, not huge celebrities, brands or companies. So what happens when those in the limelight make a social media … Continued

November 10, 2016
Stand Out on Social Media

By Agnese Viksna

How to Get Attention on Social Media Channels

Just opening a social media account doesn’t mean you will see huge success straight away. As with anything, there are tips and best practices that you need to follow to make it work for you. Below you will find four straightforward tips to help you get started. 1. Deliver quality content first This is the … Continued

June 23, 2016
Keyword Domains

By Rachel Ashmore


As an affiliate marketer, choosing your domain name sounds like such an easy task but it’s actually one which can take a great deal of consideration. You are essentially choosing the name of your business and online identity. Many still just try and fit in their best keywords as suitably as possible, though it’s actually … Continued

June 16, 2016
Why You Should Only Use One Affiliate Network to Promote Your Brand

By Rachel Romero

Why You Should Only Use One Affiliate Network to Promote Your Brand

Launching a product or service on multiple affiliate networks sounds like a great idea, but is it? Sure, you could have several streams of revenue, but managing several platforms takes much more time and energy than working with just one. Are all the platforms trustworthy, and how do they monitor their affiliate activity? Before you … Continued

September 12, 2015