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Tag: mobile & apps

SEO Landscape

By Daniel Lawman

How the changing SEO landscape impacts affiliate marketing

Every single year Google changes its search algorithm over 500 times; that’s more than one potential new change being tested every single day of the year. Google is evolving so rapidly that sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but fortunately each year only a couple of the changes that Google makes actually impacts the overall … Continued

May 8, 2017
Tech Fail

By Daniel Lawman


When we think about recent flops in new technologies, one of the first that springs to mind is Google Glass. It’s surprising how something that looked like a promising augmented reality experience could so quickly become the subject of ridicule. Perhaps Google Glass was ahead of its time, but what was clear was that it … Continued

March 20, 2017
Affiliate Tools

By Emily Matthews


Running your own business is a big responsibility and as an affiliate marketer you are essentially doing just that. It’s down to you to put in the time and hard work required in order to make a success of yourself, be it creating content and maintaining your own website, or managing outsourced workers and ensuring … Continued

March 2, 2017

By Shane Barker


Have you heard the phrase? I’m pretty sure if you have a website, you’ll have at least heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) at some point. It’s a pretty newish concept, but it is massively on the rise. It’s all around you, and you might not even know it… If you think back to … Continued

February 6, 2017
Mobile 2016

By Emily Jervis

4 Mobile Marketing Trends Gaining Momentum In 2016

With roughly two billion smartphone users worldwide, there is no point asking whether mobile marketing is important anymore, we know it is! Earlier this year, Google confirmed what was greatly anticipated: there are more searches on mobile than on desktop. If that doesn’t convince you to dedicate more of your efforts to mobile marketing I … Continued

September 1, 2016
Pokemon Go Developers

By Arduino Di Giosia

Why “Pokemon Go” Should Interest Every Developer

If you are using the web (and I know you are) you should know there is a new trend online. Almost everyone is playing the new game from Nintendo. If you are a geek, and I bet you are, you installed it even if you don’t like Pokemon. I don’t like Pokemon, but as a … Continued

August 4, 2016
Mobile Purchases Set to Rise 68% in 2016

By Rachel Romero

Mobile Purchases Set to Rise 68% in 2016

Mobile purchases are on the rise, and growing at a staggering rate. Research conducted by Connexity shows that the increase in mobile shopping could increase by more than 60% this year; news that retailers are more than excited to learn. The research included the analysis of over 540 million purchases made with mobile devices from … Continued

March 2, 2016
7 Ways to Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly

By Rachel Romero

6 Ways to Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly

For any online business to have a successful future, it can’t ignore the fact that more and more people are turning to their smartphones and other devices to head online. A website without mobile capabilities just won’t cut it anymore. In fact, Google believes so strongly that a website should be mobile friendly that they … Continued

February 15, 2016