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Tag: online marketing

make money affiliate marketing

By Sandis Viksna

How to Make £5,000 per Month From Your Affiliate Business

Making money from affiliate marketing is a dream for many – be it as a means to earn some extra income while attending university or replacing a full-time job. Yet few people have a proper understanding of how to reverse engineer their goals and turn them from a dream into reality. Ready to make £5,000 … Continued

June 5, 2017

By Emily Jervis

The Impact ‘Fake News’ can have on Your Affiliate Business

Fake news was the buzzword of 2016 and Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year was even ‘post-truth’, an adjective defined as ‘relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief’. As a digital marketer, the fake news epidemic affects you. Consumers … Continued

June 1, 2017
Social media Mistakes

By Emily Jervis


Want to grow your brand, generate higher converting leads and increase your website traffic? It’s time you worked on your social media presence. As great as our affiliates are at affiliate marketing, not all of them have managed to nail social media.  For this article, I’ve enlisted the help of our affiliate managers, to highlight … Continued

March 30, 2017

By Daniel Lawman

A Guide to Language and Country Targeting

What is the best way to set up a website that requires both country and language targeting? Well, this is a much-debated issue among SEO experts and unfortunately there isn’t a clear-cut answer. Regardless of how you choose to set up your website, there will be shortcomings since every situation is different and dependent on … Continued

February 23, 2017
Weight Loss

By Karla Villegas


Because of its size, profitability and potential, ‘weight loss’ is one of the most popular affiliate marketing niches within the health sector. Health and wellness continue to be relevant topics for content and offers in digital marketing due to the impact of the growing world obesity epidemic. While the online weight loss niche is very … Continued

February 13, 2017
Social Media

By James Plumb

The Biggest Social Media Faux Pas

We’ve all been there. You accidentally friend request the person whose profile you’re looking at, Tweeted the wrong account, or liked a photo from 2011 during a sneaky Facebook stalking session. But we are just normal people, not huge celebrities, brands or companies. So what happens when those in the limelight make a social media … Continued

November 10, 2016
Google Pop Ups

By Sandis Viksna

New Google Rules for Intrusive Pop-ups

Everyone remembers those times when annoying pop-ups showed up if you entered the wrong website and you couldn’t get rid of them unless you knew few tricks. Since then, the web has evolved and is now dominated by interstitials – uninvited full screen pop-ups that interrupt the transition between one web page and another. Google … Continued

October 13, 2016
Google 4.0 Penquin

By Rui Matos

Google Penguin 4.0 – What Does it Mean For You?

As you’ve likely heard, the Google Penguin 4.0 update was made live on the 23rd September 2016 (see the official Google announcement here). This is the first Penguin update in two years (bad memories anyone?) so you should definitely stop for a moment, inform yourself and adapt to changes (if necessary of course). Memory refresh … Continued

October 10, 2016

By Josephin Crichton

Ever Wondered What Impact Voice Search Has On Your SEO Strategy?

What does the increase of Voice Search mean for your Mobile and Search Engine Optimisation strategy (SEO)? What is happening with keywords and longtail keywords? How many people use voice search? A study from Northstar Research revealed that by late 2014, 55% of US teens and 41% of US adults used Google Voice Search at … Continued

September 21, 2016
Mobile 2016

By Emily Jervis

4 Mobile Marketing Trends Gaining Momentum In 2016

With roughly two billion smartphone users worldwide, there is no point asking whether mobile marketing is important anymore, we know it is! Earlier this year, Google confirmed what was greatly anticipated: there are more searches on mobile than on desktop. If that doesn’t convince you to dedicate more of your efforts to mobile marketing I … Continued

September 1, 2016