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Tag: productivity

Affiliate Marketing Business Plan

By Rui Matos

How To Earn a 7-Figure Income From Your Affiliate Business

Whatever your primary reason was for becoming an affiliate, I’m sure that at the back of your mind, your first thought was to make money online. But not any kind of money, you wanted to be rich – hell, don’t we all? Let’s roll back a notch though. Think back to when you started. You … Continued

May 25, 2017

By Rachel Romero

What IS a Copywriter, Anyway?

“The best thing about being a copywriter is being able to tell people you’re a writer.” When I was first dabbling with the idea of becoming a copywriter, this is one of the things that stood out to me and stuck in my mind. The idea of telling people you’re a writer is not only … Continued

April 13, 2017
Web Speed

By Abad

How to Optimise Your WordPress Website for Speed

When it comes to optimising your website, caching can play a big role. Caching can help you reduce the page load and could improve your SEO and conversions just by making your site load faster. We are going to go for a minimal setup that will get you up and running very quickly. First of … Continued

March 9, 2017
Affiliate Parents

By Sally Harwood

Time Management Tips for Affiliates with a Job & Family

Do you dream of becoming a super affiliate, but find that your day job throws a spanner in the works? Perhaps you find that your family life takes up every spare minute even when you’re not at work? Don’t give up on your dream. Often the answer is to find that spare time where you … Continued

October 24, 2016

By Rui Matos

Is Outsourcing Content a Waste of Money?

Content is king! I’ve been hearing this phrase over and over for at least 3 years now and I assume it’s been the same for you as a badass affiliate marketeer. You have likely experienced first hand the need to adapt to new search engine ranking factors by making your new articles longer (500 words, … Continued

October 5, 2016