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Tag: remarketing

By George Powell

PPC and Remarketing with MoreNiche – Getting Started

Thank you to all those who responded to my questionnaire on Paid Advertising and Remarketing. I’ve had a lot of useful feedback and if you ever come across something new, please revisit the form and continue raising questions and sending me your thoughts. If you read my last article you will know one of the … Continued

July 20, 2017

By George Powell

Remarketing – What’s It All About?

Remarketing is an increasingly popular online marketing technique, and one particularly favoured by PPC professionals. Remarketing, which is also known as behavioural retargeting, behavioural remarketing or retargeting, is a form of online targeted advertising that focuses on consumers’ previous internet actions. This typically involves using a tag in the form of a pixel on the … Continued

June 26, 2017

By George Powell


PPC and remarketing can help you gain a greater understanding of your consumer audiences. It also generates awareness and increases conversions. What is remarketing all about? This effective marketing strategy can present some challenges, particularly when using it within the healthcare industry. If you’ve tried paid advertising, then you may have experienced some of the … Continued

June 26, 2017

By Rui Matos

Remarketing: 7 Big Advantages… And a Danger to Avoid!

Heard of remarketing? Considered doing it? Below I present you some arguments that justify the investment in remarketing for both merchants and affiliates alike. These include 7 big advantages and a potential danger you really should be avoiding! 1. RELEVANCE The first advantage is relevance, since by using remarketing you will reach users at the right … Continued

August 25, 2016
Abandoned cart

By Andrew Slack

Why Your Customers Abandon Cart and 5 Ways to Stop Them

Did you know that the average conversion rate for most ecommerce stores is just 3%? This means that for every 100 potential customers visiting your site, 97 of them will leave without buying. While a 3% conversion rate is certainly not to be sniffed at, it can be dramatically improved by making a few simple … Continued

January 12, 2015

By Rachel Romero

Are You Missing Out on the Advantages of Display Marketing?

Display marketing, also known as display advertising, uses text, images, audio and visual to advertise on the web. Acting as online billboards, their purpose is to make people aware of your brand and message. Online display advertising is growing rapidly, and it’s estimated that over the next five years the online advertising market will reach … Continued

October 20, 2014