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Tag: Success

make money affiliate marketing

By Sandis Viksna

How to Make £5,000 per Month From Your Affiliate Business

Making money from affiliate marketing is a dream for many – be it as a means to earn some extra income while attending university or replacing a full-time job. Yet few people have a proper understanding of how to reverse engineer their goals and turn them from a dream into reality. Ready to make £5,000 … Continued

June 5, 2017
Affiliate Marketing Business Plan

By Rui Matos

How To Earn a 7-Figure Income From Your Affiliate Business

Whatever your primary reason was for becoming an affiliate, I’m sure that at the back of your mind, your first thought was to make money online. But not any kind of money, you wanted to be rich – hell, don’t we all? Let’s roll back a notch though. Think back to when you started. You … Continued

May 25, 2017
Social Media

By Emily Matthews

Top Tips for Managing Multiple Social Media Channels

Social media is an important part of any affiliate marketing strategy and is a platform worth utilising regardless of your budget. If you’re not in a position to run paid ads to boost your affiliate conversions, social media can also be used to drive free, highly relevant traffic to your site. However, as many affiliates … Continued

May 4, 2017

By Josephin Crichton

Learn From Other Affiliates Without Being A Copycat!

Working in a competitive industry like ours is not easy; there are hundreds of similar affiliate sites in the same niche, each and every one fighting for the same customer base. So how do you stay ahead in this rat race? In this article we’ll look at how to gain the most from studying your … Continued

April 17, 2017

By Rachel Ashmore


Have you ever noticed that even though two brands sell similar products or provide the same service, you seem to relate to one better than the other? This is down to brand personality. What about your own brand? Have you thought about its personality and with whom it resonates most? If you’re reading and this … Continued

March 13, 2017
Affiliate Tools

By Emily Matthews


Running your own business is a big responsibility and as an affiliate marketer you are essentially doing just that. It’s down to you to put in the time and hard work required in order to make a success of yourself, be it creating content and maintaining your own website, or managing outsourced workers and ensuring … Continued

March 2, 2017

By Shane Barker


Have you heard the phrase? I’m pretty sure if you have a website, you’ll have at least heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) at some point. It’s a pretty newish concept, but it is massively on the rise. It’s all around you, and you might not even know it… If you think back to … Continued

February 6, 2017
SEO Guide

By Daniel Lawman

An SEO guide to ranking your WordPress site in Google

With the launch of our latest managed brand, XYZ Smart Collagen, an important question that keeps arising is, how do we ensure that our new website ranks as quickly as possible in Google and other search engines? What exactly does it take to give a new website, and an unknown brand, the best opportunity to … Continued

January 12, 2017