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Tag: traffic

By Rachel Romero

How to Write Better Headlines That Get More Clicks

You’ve heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”. That doesn’t apply online where your headline is your book cover. Whether it’s a sales page, blog post, email subject or even a tweet, your headline determines whether or not your audience will actually read your content. So knowing how to write a powerful … Continued

June 15, 2017
Web Traffic

By Karla Villegas

SEO or PPC Traffic: Which is Better for Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ll probably have faced one of the most common challenges: driving traffic to your website. This can be maximised through SEO or PPC; both strategies can bring results and each has their pros and cons. A good analogy would be to liken SEO to following a diet and exercise plan … Continued

December 19, 2016
Drive Traffic

By Martyn Slack

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website For Free

We all know how important traffic is for our websites. Without it we just won’t make any sales. If we look deeper into this though, it’s not the amount of traffic that is always important but the quality of the traffic. There are many ways to drive free traffic to your site, and I’m going … Continued

October 27, 2016
Bad web traffic

By Sally Harwood

Could Poor Quality Traffic be Putting Your Affiliate Account at Risk?

Have you ever considered whether your marketing methods are the right ones to use? Perhaps you’ve been using affiliate marketing successfully for many years now and believe ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’. But as with most areas of life, with experience can come complacency and sometimes the most basic (and often important) details … Continued

August 15, 2016
Social Media Growth

By Emily Jervis

3 Simple Steps to Boosting your Social Media Conversions Today

Social media is often seen as a conversion assistant rather than a primary conversion tool. While that’s the case in a majority of situations, social media, when done right can be a seriously powerful tool for lead generation! It’s no secret that affiliates struggle with social media conversions. I’ll let you in on a secret, … Continued

July 18, 2016
Content Marketing

By Emily Matthews

Free Ebook – The Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Content Creation

Content plays a huge role in being an affiliate and there’s certainly a lot more to it than throwing a few sentences together! To help you get your head around different content types, things to consider when creating content and ways of generating original content ideas, I have put together The Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to … Continued

June 30, 2016
Let’s Talk Ad Scent! How Are Your Online Ads Smelling?

By James Plumb

Let’s Talk Ad Scent! How Are Your Online Ads Smelling?

Before we start, I just want to be clear that when I say “ad scent”, I don’t mean we’ve invented smell-o-vision here at MoreNiche. This is probably a good thing considering the amount of stinky advertising that we, as consumers are exposed to on a daily basis! What I’m talking about here isn’t the actual … Continued

April 15, 2016
What to do if Your Traffic Isn’t Making You Sales

By Rachel Romero

What to do if Your Traffic Isn’t Making You Sales

The purpose of marketing, be it traditional or online, really boils down to one thing: profit. You can have the best customer service, craft beautiful websites, and create engaging content which skyrockets your traffic, but if all of this doesn’t lead to a profit, then it’s really done in vain. So how can you transform … Continued

March 24, 2016
7 Ways to Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly

By Rachel Romero

6 Ways to Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly

For any online business to have a successful future, it can’t ignore the fact that more and more people are turning to their smartphones and other devices to head online. A website without mobile capabilities just won’t cut it anymore. In fact, Google believes so strongly that a website should be mobile friendly that they … Continued

February 15, 2016
5 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Affiliate Website

By Rachel Romero

5 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Affiliate Website

If you’re operating an affiliate site, you know how important it is to get traffic to your domain. Website traffic means the difference between making a living as an affiliate marketer, and being just a hopeful entrepreneur. Driving traffic to your website can be difficult, but it’s definitely something you can do on a small budget. … Continued

January 14, 2016