Arduino Di Giosia

I was born in the remote countryside village of Santa Reparata in the Abruzzo region of Italy, far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. My hometown was so tiny that I had to travel for more than an hour each morning just to get to school! Being so isolated from everything that a big town has to offer, I quickly learned that I had to fight to achieve my dreams.

Passionate about the logic of math from an early age, I knew I was destined to work in IT the moment I turned on my first computer; a Pentium with 4mb of ram and Windows 95. I went on to study computing, data management, and programming, receiving a diploma in Multilanguage Programming. I would say that computers are both my job and my hobby.

Always highly competitive, I worked as a freelance web developer for over ten years back home in Italy, but in a bid to grow and improve my career I made the decision to move to England at the beginning of 2015, where I quickly found employment with MoreNiche.

A lover of all things new and technological, one of my hobbies outside of work is testing out new tech toys and programming languages.

When I’m not playing with programming and tech toys, I love travelling, outdoor living, nature, and trekking. I’m a keen winter sports fan, I enjoy skiing, and I’m a skilled snowboarder.


Question & Answer

Why did you want to work at MoreNiche?

They had a pool table and free beers in the fridge ?

What are your top 3 (e)sports / wellness activities?

Snowboarding, trekking, and downhill

How old do you feel?

I still live in the late ’90s and I feel 23

What's the craziest thing you have ever done?

I drove from San Benedetto del Tronto (the middle east in Italy) to Mansfield (Nottinghamshire) in less than 36 hours with a crying cat in the backseat. I drove into a snowstorm between Reims and Calais, through the English channel with sea strength eight, and met Andrew Slack the very day after for my first job interview in England.

What is your most used emoji?


If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

Regenerative healing factor and teleportation