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Health Nutrition

We’ve been in the health niche since 2002 so we know a thing or two about helping customers maintain a healthy lifestyle. We understand that there is more to being healthy than just working out or taking a supplement, that’s why we’ve created an all in one platform to help customers reach their goals and maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle. Introducing…Health Nutrition!

Health Nutrition




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Brand Overview

Health Nutrition is an all in one platform for achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Members can benefit from buying all of their supplements in one place, access to free diet and exercise plans, support from a dedicated wellness coach plus a thriving community where they can challenge friends and earn points for engaging with the platform, plus lots more!

Initially, Health Nutrition will be launching its e-commerce store, where customers can purchase all of their favorite health and fitness supplements such as Testogen, PhenGold and PrimeShred as well as a range of Health Nutrition supplements including multivitamins, omega 3, collagen and much more. 

Looking ahead to the near future, Health Nutrition will begin rolling out elements of its community platform including the Health Nutrition magazine, with access to content, recipes and workout videos. Free diet plans and workout challenges to get members actively working towards their goals as well as a wellness coach to support their journey. Members can also log their progress in the dashboard to keep track of their journey.

For now, members can benefit from exclusive membership discounts, bundle and save offers plus subscribe and save!

Why Promote Health Nutrition? 

  • Earn commission on NEW and EXISTING customers
  • Expanding product lines with trending supplements
  • Promote Health Nutrition in a global market worth billions of dollars\
  • Chargeback protection – don’t lose commission if the customer charges back their order

Commission Breakdown

When it comes to promoting Health Nutrition, they offer competitive commission rates. You even receive commission on both new and existing customers/members. 

For existing MoreNiche brands sold through Health Nutrition you’ll receive 40% commission on new customer orders and 10% commission on sales purchased by existing customers. 

Commission on Health Nutrition branded products is 20% for new customers and 10% commission on existing customers. 

It’s worth noting that Health Nutrition will be doing a lot of paid promotions and discounts for existing members, encouraging repeat orders and lifelong customers. This will help you generate more sales and earn you more commission.

Affiliate Resources Available To Help Promote Health Nutrition

To help you promote Health Nutrition and convert your traffic into sales, we’ve provided you with all the resources you could need. 

  • Banners
  • Product Images
  • Call-To-Action Images
  • Amateur Photos
  • Keyword Lists
  • Content Ideas
  • Example Product Reviews

Industry Leading Sales Tracking & Reporting

With our in-house industry leading tracking, you will earn commissions on each and every sale you send to Health Nutrition. 

  • First Click Attribution 
  • Lifetime Cookies
  • 5+ Tracking Methods
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Email & SMS Sales Notifications

Free worldwide shipping

Multibuy offers & savings

Livechat support

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Money back guarantee

Free guides with purchases

Advertising Resources

To help you promote Health Nutrition and convert your traffic into sales, we’ve provided you with all the resources you could need.


Product Images

Call-To-Action Images

Keyword Lists

Before/After Photos


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Sales Tracking & Reporting

Lifetime cookies

Email & SMS sales notifications

Industry-leading tracking

Detailed sales reporting

Promotional Terms

Please read our network advertising policy regarding branded domains and PPC marketing before proceeding with your campaigns. Your account may be suspended if you break these terms.

Payment Currencies: USD, GBP, EUR

Bi-weekly Payouts: 1st & 15th of each month

Payment Methods:

Earn up to 40% Commission On Each Sale!

$120 000 / year