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Grow your personal brand and monetise your blog or social media traffic by introducing your audience to quality, reputable health and wellness brands.

Up to 70% Commission + Performance Bonuses*

We don’t like to brag, but with up to 70% commission per sale as standard, we have some of the highest-paying offers in the industry.

Wide Product Variety

With over 24 health and wellness brands to choose from, finding a brand that fits your style and resonates with your audience is easy

Free Products*

Stay topped up with a free monthly supply of whichever product you’re promoting and get free products to give away to your followers.

Private Influencer Whatsapp Group*

Get fast, personal support from our team and connect with other high-level influencers in your niche.

Funded Learning

You want to maximise your revenue by successfully converting the most sales you can. We want that for you to. So we’ll train you to be the best.

Refer a Friend

Know another superstar influencer who wants in on the fun? Bag yourself a reward for successfully referring them to the MoreNiche fam.

*Subject to application and availability

Brands You’ll be Proud to Represent

Promote reputable brands that align with your personal values

All our brands are backed by clinical studies, use only the highest-quality, natural ingredients and are well-established, leading brands in their niche.

So you’ll find it easy to choose one that fits authentically with your lifestyle, resonates with your followers and stays true to your values.

You can even try products for free before you recommend them to your audience. And once you’ve found a brand you love, we’ll keep the freebies coming every month!*

*Subject to application and availability

Creative Freedom Over Your Content

Promote your own content in your own unique voice

We Do Things Differently

Welcome to a meaningful partnership that truly values what you do

Y’know those companies who view you as just a quick-win advertising stream, never give you the respect you deserve for your efforts and don’t truly appreciate what you bring to the table?

Yeah, we don’t do that.

We totally understand the wicked value you bring to the success of our brands.

So when you partner with us, you can expect a meaningful, collaborative, and mutually beneficial partnership.

Because we get it. And we really, really love what you do.

Interested? Here’s How it Works

1. Promote awesome health and wellness products alongside your regular content using your special MoreNiche tracking link

2. Every time someone clicks your link and purchases the product you promoted, you’ll earn a commission - whoop!

3. With up to 70% commission for every sale you make, monetising your traffic and growing your brand is easy. Yay!

Guaranteed Bi-Weekly Payments

We’ve never missed a payment since we started in 1999. Because we believe that whatever happens - natural disaster, or robot uprising - that's our problem, not yours. We'll ensure you always get your money.

Next-level Sales Tracking

We use our own industry-leading tracking software to track all your sales. It’s reliable, accurate, and we reckon it’s the best sales tracking system in the world.

Detailed Reporting

View real-time clicks and sales, get individual brand performance stats and build a complete picture of your sales campaigns by viewing key metrics and valuable insights that will help you increase your revenue.

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