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Getting Started

Nope! It’s absolutely FREE to become a MoreNiche affiliate. Just fill out the registration form on our signup page here (it’ll only take you a few minutes), submit it and log into your new account right away. Easy peasy!

No, but we might ask you to submit some form of identification, just to ensure you can get your first payout without any problems.

Welcome to the wonderful world of affiliate marketing! It can all seem a bit daunting at first but don’t worry; we’ve got your back.  Once you join MoreNiche, our support team will be on hand to answer any questions and they can be contacted via email or livechat from within your account. Once you begin generating sales you will then be assigned a dedicated affiliate mentor who will help you develop your strategy and grow traffic and sales.  To help you get started you will be given access to our FREE affiliate marketing Academy training course. It’ll explain what affiliate marketing is all about and show you step by step how to choose a niche to promote, set up your first affiliate website and start creating content to put on it (that’s what’s gonna help you make your money).Finally, check out this super useful Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing. It’s also got a bunch of links at the end to more insanely useful articles that’ll introduce you to things like making a WordPress site, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and writing decent content. Welcome to MoreNiche and good luck with your affiliate marketing venture. You’ve got this!

Absolutely not. Once upon a time, even the most successful affiliates were clueless newbies! But you should at least have a passing interest in the area you’ll be promoting or you’ll find it’ll all get pretty boring, pretty quickly. As long as you’re eager to learn and willing to put the time and effort into growing your affiliate business, there’s absolutely nothing standing in your way of becoming a successful affiliate.
Of course! Some of our most successful affiliates were complete newbies when they joined MoreNiche! Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or not, we’ll give you ongoing, expert guidance in improving your traffic and sales and help you become a competent, successful affiliate marketer (and we’ll get you there way quicker than if you go it alone). Our support team will be on hand to answer your questions and point you to the relevant training guides. Then, once you begin generating sales we will assign you a dedicated affiliate mentor who will work closely with you to grow your affiliate business.
As much as you’re willing to work for.Some of our affiliates are earning thousands of dollars every month. Because they work damn hard for it. Some affiliates make nothing. Because they can’t be bothered to put the time and effort into it. Affiliate marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Despite what all those “gurus” will tell you. It’s not easy. And you have to work hard. But we’ll help you. And once you crack it, all the effort will be well worth it.Those affiliates earning thousands of dollars a month? Every one of them started out as a total affiliate marketing rookie, just like you. Anyone can do it. But not everyone has got the attitude, determination and drive to do it. Have you?

Loads. The majority of our advertisers offer on average a super competitive 40% commission per sale. Which, last time we checked, was a pretty sweet amount. And our largest commission amount is a whopping 80%! Yep, we make sure it’s well worth your while promoting our offers.You can check out the commission rates for each of our offers on our main offers page here, or in your MoreNiche account here.

Yes, all affiliates are required to send all traffic via your own landing page. Ultimately, selling products to your website visitors is how you’re going to make sales. You don’t have to be a techie to build a website, and it’s really nowhere near as much hassle as it sounds (promise!). WordPress is a super easy website creation tool, and we’ve got loads of helpful resources and expert advice here on our end to help you make a super cool, successful affiliate website that’ll make you money. Be sure to check the full terms and conditions regarding our landing page policy before you get started.

We give you a whole bunch of cool stuff to help you promote your chosen offers, but you do have to do some work yourself (work for money? Imagine that.)Head to the Resources sections, under the Offers tab in your account, and you’ll find a range of banners, product images, how to promote guides, keyword suggestions and more to help you promote your chosen offers.Sorry to break it to you, but you will have to write your own website content (copy). Hey, we can’t give you everything! Your website content will presell your chosen products to your website visitors and make them want to buy. It’s important that your content is unique (no copying allowed), both for a good customer experience and for generating traffic. By creating quality copy that informs and persuades your visitors about the product you can add value to the brand and ensure you maximise your conversions and earnings.
Sure thing! Once you begin generating sales you’ll be assigned a dedicated affiliate mentor who’ll help you out with your affiliate marketing venture. Send them your site URL and they’ll give it a thorough review and provide you with detailed, expert feedback and a comprehensive plan of action showing you where and how you can improve so you can make more sales and earn more money! You’ll see who your affiliate mentor is when you log into your MoreNiche account here (their friendly mug will be smiling right back at you as soon as you log in so you can’t miss ’em!). If you don’t have a mentor assigned, reach out to our friendly support team who’ll be able to get you some feedback from our affiliate mentors. 
Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link a cookie is dropped onto your visitors website and we record their visitors IP information. We’ll then redirect that person to the advertiser website where they will (hopefully!) proceed to make a purchase. You can see every new click you get in the stats area of your MoreNiche account.Whenever someone makes a purchase from one of our advertisers sites, the advertiser reports this back to us. We then check the purchaser’s cookie and IP data to see if it matches a click. If your affiliate link was the last one that was clicked before the customer made their purchase, we can track that sale to you and – yay for you – assign you the commission for the sale!We use industry-leading tracking software CAKE as well as our own nifty in-house tracking system to track all your sales. And we reckon it’s probably the best, most reliable and accurate tracking system in the world. You can read more about our tracking here.
Forever! Most affiliate networks only give you a measly 30-day cookie period as standard. Which means unless your visitor buys from the advertisers site within 30 days, you won’t earn any commission for that sale. We give you lifetime cookies. Which means you’ll still get the commission for the sale regardless of whether someone takes weeks, months, or even years to buy.


We issue affiliate payments every two weeks, so as long as you keep earning commissions, you’ll never have long to wait between pay days.Each month is split into the following two periods:
Period 1: 1st – 15th of the month Period 2: 16th – last day of the month 
Providing you’ve reached your minimum payout threshold (£50/$100/€100) the earnings you make during period 1 will be paid to you on the last day of the same month, and your earnings from period 2 will be paid to you on the 15th of the following month.You’ll receive a notification each time a new payout has been generated for you. You can also see if a new payout has been generated for you in your MoreNiche account here. If you don’t earn enough commissions to reach the minimum payout threshold during a payment period, these earnings will rollover to the next period, and will continue to do so until the threshold is reached.The minimum payout thresholds are: £50, $100 or €100.
The minimum payout thresholds are: £50, $100 or €100 (depending on which currency you specified when you registered your MoreNiche account).You must earn at least the minimum payout amount in whichever currency you have specified during each payment period before you will be eligible to receive your payment.If you don’t earn enough commission to reach the minimum payout threshold during a period, these earnings will rollover to the next period, and will continue to do so until the threshold is reached. At that point, a payout will be generated for you and you will receive your payment on the next relevant payout date.You can set yourself a higher threshold if you want to receive larger, less frequent payments. You can do this in the Payment Details section of your MoreNiche account. Sorry, but no you can’t decrease this threshold (nice try though!).
You can choose from the following flexible payment options:Payoneer (same day payment) Skrill (same day payment) Bitcoin (same day payment) Paxum (same day payment) UK Bank Transfer (same day payment – payment sent directly to your bank account) International Wire (up to 7 business days – payment sent directly to your bank account)

Unfortunately not. Payments are generated automatically and all affiliate payments are scheduled to be sent together on the standard payment dates. To remain fair to all affiliates, we can’t bend the rules for anyone.

You can receive your payments in three different currencies: USD, GBP or Euros.You’ll be asked to select your preferred payout currency when you register your MoreNiche account. If you want to change your payout currency, you can do this in your MoreNiche account here.
If you’ve reached your minimum payout amount and received notification that a payout has been generated for you, it’s very unlikely that you won’t get your payment.Almost all the payment methods we offer enable you to receive the money on the same day we send it. Wire payments can take up to 7 business days to appear in your account, depending on your country and the bank you use. If you’ve still not received your payment after this time, get in touch with us and we’ll investigate for you right away.In almost every occasion where a Wire payment hasn’t been received, it’s because we’ve been mistakenly given the wrong bank details by an affiliate (we don’t blame them, there’s a lot of numbers involved in an International Wire Transfer!) But please make sure you enter the correct details (and then double check them!) to help make sure you don’t have any delays or issues with your payments.If you have any concerns at all about your payments, get in touch and we’ll look into it for you right away.

Linking Codes

Log into your MoreNiche account and head to the “Offers” section in the menu. Or click here and you’ll see each offer has options for “Details”, “Links” and “Resources”.Click “Links” for the offer you want to promote and you’ll see your personal affiliate link for that particular offer at the top of the page.Here’s what your link will look like: http://mixi.mn/?a=XXXXXX&c=7&p=r(only you’ll see your affiliate ID instead of XXXXXX)This standard affiliate link will take your visitor to the homepage on the advertiser website.
Simply copy your affiliate link from your account and paste it into your website. You can use your affiliate link to hyperlink text or images on your website. For example, you might have a call to action text such as “Buy PhenQ Now” or “Visit the Official PhenQ Site”.When your visitor clicks the link, they’ll be redirected to the advertiser website and we track their visit. If they go on to make a purchase, and yours is the last affiliate link they clicked – kerching! – we’ll assign you the affiliate commission for that sale. 
The majority of our offers use GEOIP to display the most relevant version of the website to your visitors when you send traffic via your standard affiliate link. Which means it knows what country your visitor is in. So a visitor in France will see the French language version of the website, for example.If you want to ensure your visitor always goes to a particular language version of the site, no matter which country there are in, you can create something called a deep link to do this. Don’t worry – it’s really easy to do. Check out the next question to find out how!
It’s easy to create a deep link to send your traffic to the most relevant page on the advertiser site.1. Find your standard affiliate link for the offer you are promoting e.g. http://mixi.mn/?a=XXXXXX&c=7&p=r2. Add &ckmrdr= to the end of that link3. Add the URL of the page on the advertiser site that you want to link to. E.g. https://crazy-bulks.com/product/d-bal/So an example affiliate link to send traffic directly to the the Brutal Force DBULK product page would be:http://mixi.mn/?a=XXXXXX&c=7&p=r&ckmrdr=https://brutalforce.com/product/dbulk/(only with your personal affiliate ID in place of the XXXXXX)This video will walk you through how to create a deep link. Having trouble? Get in touch with our support team (you’ll find their details in your MoreNiche account) and they’ll give you a hand sorting out your deep links.
You can pass values of up to 100 characters by adding one or more of the s2 – s5 parameters to your affiliate link.Here’s an example affiliate link using all 4 options: http://mixi.mn/?a=XXXXXX&c=7&p=r&s2=campaigndescription&s3=keyword&s4=[clickid]&s5=othervalue  If you need help with this one, drop a message over to our support team (you’ll find their details in your MoreNiche account) and they’ll be happy to help you out.
If you’ve just registered your MoreNiche account and your links are redirecting to Google it’s most likely because you’re an eager beaver and are on your links before our system has even made them active and ready for you to use – sorry about that! (kudos to your enthusiasm there though!) Get in touch with us and we’ll get your account – and your links – ready to use in a jiffy. If your affiliate links were previously working fine and you notice they are now redirecting to Google this is usually because your account has been frozen. If your account has been frozen you should have received an email from our Compliance team at the time your account was frozen to explain why this has happened and how you can rectify. If not, you can contact them directly by emailing compliance@moreniche.com and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Finally, if we have recently unlocked an offer for you and the link is not yet activated, it may take up to 30 minutes to become active. If the issue persists please contact your affiliate mentor who will be able to resolve this for you.

Compliance & Promotional Methods

No way! We never have and never will allow any free trial offers into our network. They go completely against our values.At best they’re misleading to consumers. At worst, they’re just outright scams.There are absolutely NO hidden and misleading terms and conditions or sly rebilling on ANY of our offers. When you promote a MoreNiche offer your customers will always know exactly what they are paying for with our offers. We don’t create or accept low quality, short-term offers that won’t last. Our aim has always been to provide quality products with excellent customer service that both consumers and affiliates can trust and depend on for the long-term.
No. MoreNiche doesn’t support voucher code marketing and we don’t allow affiliates to create voucher code sites and promotions focused purely around discounts. Our offers pay high commissions for affiliates to add real value to the brands – not just promote discounts. You can see our voucher and discounts policy here. You can of course promote the package offers available on the advertisers sites which offer customers big savings. Our advertisers may sometimes run seasonal campaigns which include a discount code they are happy for you to promote.These will be shared with you via email, Facebook and in the Latest Announcements area in your affiliate account. However, your promotions around these discounted offers must add value to consumers, such as through creating useful content about the products, in line with the policy above.
MoreNiche doesn’t support voucher code marketing and we don’t allow affiliates to create voucher code sites and promotions focused purely around discounts. If you’ve spotted another affiliate using these methods to promote you can let us know here or by emailing compliance@moreniche.com and our Compliance team will get these removed.
Legally, as an affiliate you are responsible for ensuring you have an appropriate affiliate disclosure on your site. As a UK based company, MoreNiche requires every affiliate who could make sales from UK consumers to display a disclosure and failure to do so may result in your suspension from the network.The following disclosure statement is available for you to use on your website. It must be displayed clearly and unambiguously to your website visitors:“I <name> owner of <website) am in business as an affiliate marketer and recommend products on this website for which I earn a commission. I hope this disclosure will demonstrate my intent to run an honest and reputable business”.A disclosure is also required by law for social media and other promotions where you earn a commission or reward for recommending a product.Here is the full UK guidance from the Advertising Standards Agency: https://www.asa.org.uk/advice-online/affiliate-marketing.html And here is similar advice from the FTC in the USA: https://www.ftc.gov/sites/default/files/attachments/press-releases/ftc-staff-revises-online-advertising-disclosure-guidelines/130312dotcomdisclosures.pdf . For other countries you may want to consult the appropriate body for further compliance advice regarding affiliate disclosures.
We take copyright infringement very seriously. In fact, we have a zero tolerance approach to it. If another MoreNiche affiliate has stolen content from you and is passing it off as their own, please complete the form on our copyright complaints page here or contact compliance@moreniche.com with details of your complaint. Our Compliance team will thoroughly investigate and take the appropriate action and she’ll keep you informed on the progress and outcome of your complaint.
Your affiliate account may be frozen if you have broken the terms and conditions that you agreed to when you became a MoreNiche affiliate. This usually means that you are using non-compliant marketing practices. We will always try to work with you to resolve the issue before we take any action and we will only freeze your affiliate account as a last resort. You will always be informed by email by our compliance team if your account is frozen and will be given an opportunity to rectify any non-compliant content or activity prior to this. If your account has been frozen or if you believe it has been frozen in error, please get in touch with compliance@moreniche.com and our Compliance team will discuss this with you.
We’re really sorry to hear we’ve upset you. Please let us know what we’ve done by sending your complaints or concerns either to support@moreniche.com, via our complaints form or directly to your affiliate mentor. We promise to thoroughly review your complaint and do our best to resolve it to your satisfaction as fast as we can.