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MoreNiche Affiliate Benefits

Because our loyalties lie with you

Ever felt like your affiliate network treats you more like a replaceable commodity than the valuable asset you really are? Not anymore. When you’re a MoreNiche affiliate, you’ll always be treated with the respect you deserve and our loyalties will always lie with you. Because you’re the reason we’re still here today. Not the other way round.

High Commissions

We don’t like to brag, but we have some of the highest-paying offers not only in the health and fitness industry, but the affiliate marketing industry as a whole. Become a MoreNiche affiliate and you can snag yourself between 30-80% commission per offer and pocket ongoing commissions from re-orders across all offers.

MoreNiche commission rates? Very generous and one of the FATTEST in both the fitness & health industry and affiliate partnership business generally.

Patrick U

The offers have very high commissions, specially for non-digital products. This allows me to be sure I will reach my return on investment quite fast.

Guillaume R

Lifetime Cookies

Most affiliate networks only give you a measly 30-day cookie period. Which means if someone clicks your affiliate link, but doesn’t actually buy within 30 days, you get nothing. Boo! We give you lifetime cookies. Which means it doesn’t matter if someone buys weeks, months, or years down the line after clicking your affiliate link, you’ll still bag your commission. Hurray!

High Converting, Global Offers

We’ve got offers in the health, weight loss, beauty, skin care, male enhancement, fitness and bodybuilding industries. But unlike other networks, you won’t find hundreds of offers. Because we believe you deserve quality over quantity. Keeping our offers pool lower means our traffic and conversion teams can give each individual brand the ongoing attention it needs to continue performing highly. Which is why you can expect average conversion rates of up to 4.35% when you promote a MoreNiche offer.

Almost all our offers can be promoted internationally, and with up to 15 localised languages including French, German, Spanish and Italian across many offers as well as localised payment processing methods, promoting to consumers in your part of the world is easy.


Avg. offer conversion rate: 3.78%

Best converting offer: T-Booster

Avg. affiliate conversion rate: 1/5

Amazing offers that convert super well, and of course they have these same offers in different languages. Lisa J

I always put MoreNiche offers above others on my top list of products for a reason; they always have a much better conversion. Tony J

Switch + Promise

Switch your current traffic to a MoreNiche offer and earn more commission than you do now – guaranteed – or we’ll pay you back the difference (based on your historic earnings per click). The increase in earnings alone makes it well worth taking the time to switch. But just in case, we’ll even update your website content for you so your switch is totally faff-free.

Get in touch with us now to get an estimate on how much more money you could make with Switch+ Promise.

Since switching to MoreNiche from another leading Phen product, our earnings have doubled.

Lucas S

Chargeback Protection

Chargebacks. They’re about as welcome as a wasp at a picnic. With Chargeback Protection, proven affiliates can say sayonara to them for good. That means you can keep your commissions from every single sale, regardless of what happens after you’ve made it.

118 affiliates benefited from Chargeback Protection in 2018

1,727 chargebacks cancelled due to Chargeback Protection

£62,325.12 in commissions saved thanks to Chargeback Protection

(Updated: 07/03/2019)

Gone are the days where I would have to worry about my hard-earned money being refunded due to a ridiculous chargeback.

Jay J

Guaranteed Bi-Weekly Payments

Networks who don’t pay their affiliates on time really get our goat. We believe that whatever happens (advertiser does a runner on us without paying, natural disaster, robot uprising) that’s our problem, not yours. We’ll make sure you still get your money.

We’ll send you your commission payments on the 15th and last day of each month (provided you’ve met the £50/$100/€100 minimum payout amount) and you can choose to be paid in GBP, USD or EUR, and from 5 flexible payment options.

Oh, and there’s absolutely no hidden fees, and you’ll never have to pay any payout charges, regardless of what method you choose to receive your payments. Hurrah!

You generate a sale from your marketing activites

The commission is added to your MoreNiche account

On the 15th and last day of the month, your balance is paid*

You get your payment instantly or within a few days depending on your payment method

Payout dates: 15th & last day of month

Payment currencies: GBP, USD, EUR

Payment methods: Skrill, Wire, Bitcoin, Paxum, UK bank transfer

Payout charges: None

Min payout amount: £50 / $100/ €100 

Payments are always on time, no exceptions!

Ron W

I have never had a problem with MoreNiche payments - it’s probably the only affiliate payment I don’t bother checking too closely. Tony J

* The sales you generate between the 1st – 15th get paid on the last working day the month.

* The sales you generate between the 16th – 31st get paid on the 15th of the following month.

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Dedicated Affiliate Support

Here’s the thing. Having a mentor who really understands you and your business can mean the difference between failure or success. Which is why when you begin generating sales with MoreNiche you’ll be paired up with an experienced affiliate mentor who understands the ins and outs, the highs and lows, and the challenges of affiliate marketing.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can always expect one-to-one, first-class support, tailored to you. Skype, Slack, email, or phone – however you prefer to chat to us, we’re always on hand to help and support you.

We don’t do canned responses. Because we’d much rather build a meaningful, lasting relationship with you. And we’ll quite literally go the extra mile to help you become a successful affiliate (no really, our affiliate mentors have been known to fly halfway round the world to personally meet their affiliates).

It’s no wonder our affiliates consistently rate our support as exceptional.

Click here to find out more about our lovely affiliate mentors now


Support methods:
Email, Livechat, Skype, Phone, 
1-2-1 meetings

Number of affiliate mentors:

The support at MoreNiche is world class. Timothy S

I wouldn’t have made it this far without the support and guidance of the affiliate managers. I owe this to you guys. Long live MoreNiche! John K 

Advanced, Industry-Leading Tracking

We think we’ve probably got the best tracking system in the world. Not only do we use industry-leading tracking software CAKE to track all your clicks and sales, we’ve also got our own additional tracking system working round the clock around the CAKE system to give you an extra level of reliable and accurate tracking.

It’s called MIXI, and combined with CAKE, it’s the mother of all tracking solutions. Because unlike the basic cookie and IP tracking methods most other networks use which can miss up to 27% of your sales, our next-level CAKE/MIXI combo uses multiple tracking methods (cookie, 24 hour and lifetime IP, referrer and hub*), to give you as close to 100% perfect tracking as you can get.

Real-time reporting means you’ll see your sales instantly, right when they happen. And over on our stats page here you can see the percentage of network-wide affiliate sales currently being picked up via each tracking method.

We believe we’re the only affiliate network to offer hub tracking. With it, we group advertiser sites into different niches called “hubs”. Send traffic to any site within the same hub, and you’ll still get the credit if surfers go on to purchase from another site within that hub (such as Bauer Nutrition). It means you can earn commission from sales made within the same niche with no extra work!!

Tracking has always been one of the USP’s of MoreNiche. Even when issues transpire the dev team are quick to rectify. Tony J

Tracking Essentials

Download PDF

Hub Tracking

Download PDF

Linkless Tracking

Download PDF

Soft Pixel Tracking

Download PDF

Transparent Reporting

Our transparent reporting shows you more than just the sale. Build a complete picture of your campaigns by viewing all the key metrics and valuable insights that will help you increase your revenue. Get detailed advertiser performance stats such as conversion rate, average commission and EPC to help you choose the right offers to promote. View real-time clicks and sales, analyse the performance of individual links and landing pages and compare your stats against network averages.

You can also export key data from your sales reports for more in-depth analysis and get a deeper understanding of your campaign’s performance by adding key info such as campaign name, keywords and click ID’s on your affiliate links. Meanwhile, our MoreNiche server and advertiser uptime reports are openly available for you to see at any time.

Exclusive Managed Offers

Many of the brands available for you to promote were developed exclusively for the MoreNiche network and our affiliates. So you won’t find them anywhere else. These brands are managed exclusively by us and we’ve been working closely with the advertiser who owns them for over 10 years.

Because we have control over brand decisions, we can ensure that the brands you promote, just like the network, are always operating in your best interests.

Promoting a MoreNiche managed brand means not only can you trust the offer implicitly, you can influence it too. It means your ideas, your feedback and your needs regarding the brands you promote will always be heard and respected.

Because MoreNiche is more than just an affiliate network. It’s a partnership between us and you.


Ongoing Conversion & Traffic Optimisation

Our conversion team’s sole mission is to optimise the heck out of our brand sites so that your traffic converts like a mofo. Improving site performance, testing new copy and design, website translations and more – the conversion team are all over it, making sure the offers you promote continue to convert highly, always remain competitive, and earn you more money.

Meanwhile, our traffic team bust their humps to improve consumer awareness of and increase traffic flow to the brands you promote, so that over time your traffic is worth more and is more likely to convert. Tricks up their sleeves to deliver you better quality traffic include remarketing, email marketing, social media marketing and more.

Advertising Resources, Bonuses & Incentives

Whatever offer you choose to promote, you’ll get a whole treasure trove of promotional resources to help you create a successful, profitable campaign.

Every offer comes complete with a detailed How to Promote guide to get you started. Plus a detailed product overview guide, demographic reports, keyword research, banners, professional high-res images and more are all there for the taking to help you promote your chosen brands.

You’ll also get regular sales incentives and bonuses to keep you motivated and those dollars rolling in. Launch bonuses of up to $1,000 and 100% commission anyone?

Stringent Compliance & Ethics Policy

Our strict advertiser vetting and compliance process ensures that all our advertisers brands are safe, can legally be sold and have never promoted so called ‘free trials’ or anything else which misleads consumers. Advertisers aren’t accepted into our network unless they provide ample resources and can demonstrate a sound financial background.

We work alongside leading consultants and government bodies to ensure our advertisers products are safe to market and use a number of resources to evaluate our advertisers to ensure their marketing practices are good enough for both us and you. These include the Advertising Standards Authority, the Committee of Advertising Practice and Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations.

We’ve got a reputation for being honest and ethical and as a MoreNiche affiliate, we expect you to be too. That means when you join our network, you’re expected to use compliant and ethical marketing practices at all times –  and we won’t hesitate to call you out if you’re naughty.

Click here to view our network advertising policies and complaints procedures

Personal Consultation Interview

Once you make your fifth sale with MoreNiche you’ll be invited to an interview with one of our support team. Don’t worry, it’s just an informal chat on the phone where you can tell us a bit more about yourself and your affiliate marketing experience. This will help us understand exactly which tools, training and support you’ll need from us to make your business a big success.

Every sales making affiliate will be given the opportunity to go through the interview process and we highly recommend you do! Once completed, we will assign you a dedicated affiliate mentor who will work with you to grow your affiliate business. You’ll unlock access to our full portfolio of offers, plus lots of other benefits!

Once qualified, our support team will reach out and invite you to the interview, just let us know a date and time that’s good for you and we’ll give you a call.


Benefits Club

Begin generating sales with MoreNiche you can reap the rewards of our generous benefits club! Once you hit 5+ sales we will assign a dedicated mentor to your account and you can take advantage of access to new brands, chargeback protection, SEO tools and much more!

Academy Training Coursecheckcheck
Industry Leading Trackingcheckcheck
MixiTrack & Hub Technologycheckcheck
Guaranteed Paymentscheckcheck
No Payout Chargescheckcheck
Livechat Supportcheckcheck
Dedicated Affiliate Mentorcheck
Unlocked Brandscheck
Chargeback Protectioncheck
Switch+ Promisecheck
SEO Supportcheck
Access to SEO Toolscheck

As a long-time affiliate I can say that one of the best things MoreNiche ever introduced was the benefits club. As an affiliate who focuses on content as his main source of traffic, knowing in advance of new brands or product releases has given me a competitive advantage over many others. Of course the benefits club has its downsides, it makes it hard to take a break. Jay J

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