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    Hi everyone,

    *Updated 27th July – we will also be sending another email out 1st August covering the new policy in more detail*

    For some time now we have been discussing the value of voucher code websites, but we don’t feel our approach has been clear cut. We have heard and understood the feedback from content marketing affiliates who share concerns that their sales could be lost to another affiliate when a customer simply searches for a code at checkout.

    We have always encouraged content marketing as we see it to be the most lucrative approach for affiliates as well as offering the most value to the merchants, as it captures customers earlier on in the buying process.  We believe it also adds the most value to the customer, providing them with high quality information and presell. We want to ensure that affiliates who have spent time working on content and adding value to the brands are getting the commissions they deserve.


    We have therefore taken the decision to prohibit the promotion of any brand on the  MoreNiche network using voucher code websites.

    This will come into effect as of 1st October which gives any voucher code affiliates a fair chance to consider and action a new method of promotion. We welcome those affiliates to work with our affiliate management team on the creation and promotion of content sites or similar.


    To clarify, as of October 1st the following will no longer be permitted:


    Voucher code or coupon style websites will no longer be allowed, for example, sites which list multiple brands and their active discounts with little to no content. This includes google sites for example;


    Content which is heavily focused around an offer or discount, how to use coupon codes and has little to no mention of the brand or product will no longer be compliant. Content must be informative, useful to the reader and add value to the brand. Any thin, irrelevant content will not be allowed.

    Domain Names

    We will no longer be allowing domain names containing words such as voucher, offer, coupon, deals, promo or any other synonyms of. This rule still applies to all domains regardless of the content and style of the website itself.

    Social Media Pages

    We will be enforcing the same rules to social media pages as we are doing with websites, therefore if you are promoting any brands through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and so on, the page name cannot contain voucher, coupon or any other synonyms of, the content itself must not be solely focused on voucher codes and the page must add value to the brand.

    Therefore the following examples would not be allowed;

    Email Marketing

    If you have a mailing list, you are still permitted to promote valid and genuine offers/promotions to your contacts.

    Pop Up Ads

    You are permitted to promote valid and genuine offers via pop up ads, however they must not redirect the user and must be easy to close.

    Sub Pages

    Sub pages will also need to adhere to the same rules as domain names. Therefore sub pages cannot contain the words coupon, voucher, offer or any other synonyms of. For example the following would not be allowed;

    YouTube and Video Marketing

    If you are promoting a video which is a review of the product or heavily focused on the product/niche then you are permitted to mention any genuine offers within the video as you would do in a review on site. However, if the video is solely based on the offer/discount then it would be non compliant.

    Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

    If you are mentioning a genuine offer then the use of wording such as voucher, coupon or any other synonym of this is not allowed, but the offer itself is. However if it is misleading and fake offers/discount then it would not be allowed. For example;


    Crazy Bulk Review | Buy 2 Get 1 Free On Best Legal Steroids

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    Not Allowed:

    CrazyBulk 20% Off Coupon Code | Click Here for Instant Discount

    CrazyBulk legal bulking steroids, click here now to receive your exclusive 20% coupon code.


    We appreciate that there may be queries following this decision, please contact a member of the affiliate management team with any questions.
    Thank you in advance for your understanding that this decision has not been taken lightly and is, we believe, in the best interest of affiliates, merchants and the network going forward.

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    Our 2 Cents on this !

    Phen375 does not offer coupon codes period , you cannot use a coupon on our because it creates clients leaving the sales funnel and they often find a better deal they think on another site or program, so in our A / B split testing we have proven over long term it hurts the profitability. A lot off competitors do it to skim brand traffic without realizing in the end its only hurting your own brand profitability , they think they win by skimming but in the end it works against them just as they do it another can do the same to them creating endless disaster.

    Now how do you stop this from happening on other networks from competitors doing this, (slimtrim example ) coupon against phen375 or phenQ, crazy bulk that is then redirected to Slimtirim  (example), you can easily see how this can get out of hand and already has due to Coupons , re-targeting coupons and on and on it goes ? on phen375 site you cannot enter a coupon code , they don’t exist  !

    My question is why are  competitors on the same network allowed to promote coupons on there sites or affilate reviews ? This is just skimming off others when its used this way , so you have a coupon popup buy buy on a affiliate site where phen375 is use to draw in the traffic but then the coupon is used to steal it away to another product its skimming , in my mind this is not much different then what happens when a affiliate uses PPC adwords to push a coupon code that the client is looking for created by the merchant to begin with . Seems like its a great idea when its flowing in but when it begins flowing out no so hot.

    affs and Merchants within the same network should not do this , it will create issues as competing networks see this and now you have a network that is competing products doing the same to you ,  seem like an invite to have competitors of other network to do the same against us , it creates unwanted results , if you skim you will get skimmed , so help me understand why this is allowed again ?



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    Nice comments John, it was only yesterday I was talking about how constant discount campaigns can devalue a brand over time and that it’s important for merchants to be a little more creative than just giving out discounts all the time.

    I believe the key is in offering more value to the customers rather than discounting.

    That said, discounts during key promotions have proven very successful in the past.

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    Yes i agree 100% ,the constant discount campaigns makes for a cheap perception . Realize that other networks and competitors watch us , they will look for the weak spots , this is already happening due to the easy coupon skimming makes economical sense short term like a parasite feeding off an animal until the animal dies, then the parasite also dies or is off to a new animal to suck the life out off , its shot term thinking.

    Great conversation to have as content is King , clients come to your sites for information . Provide it and you will succeed in the end , we have to provide quality information , product and service.

    Discount  promotions to current client base offering them a great offer getting them to reorder or trying to capture a lost client i totally agree discounts make sense. So of course there is a place for it , but for every action there is an equal reaction. Eventually these coupon sites that offer nothing will get banned or they will just put your site at the bottom of the pile where it belongs.


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