The Top 8 Advantages of Display Marketing

If you’ve ever been on a website with banner advertisements or advertisements along the side of the page, you’re already familiar with display marketing. After all, why wouldn’t you want to put your products in front of customers who are or might be interested in what you have to offer?

Display marketing offers a number of distinct benefits to any business, especially affiliates and merchants. And if you’re not yet familiar with these benefits, here are the top 8 that you can have – whether you’re an affiliate or a merchant – when you take advantage of this marketing methodology.

Increase Your Conversion Rates

ROI is everything when it comes to affiliate or merchant marketing and every customer counts. One of the best parts about display marketing is that it’s an investment you can depend on for a return on your investment.

In fact, display marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness while also increasing traffic to your site. When coupled with other optimisation methods, you can further increase conversions, creating targeted traffic that wants to buy whatever you’re offering.

Diversifies Your Marketing Strategy

Customers make contact with brands in a number of different ways, some of which you may not intend or realise. Of course, you can also diversify your own marketing strategy by turning to display marketing to reach customers who otherwise wouldn’t come into contact with your brand.

This puts you ahead of competitors and gives you a way to target consumers and put your products or services in front of more individuals (especially those who demonstrate an interest in your offers).


Advertising is often one of the most costly endeavors for any affiliate or merchant. However, you can cut back on costs without cutting back on benefits when you turn to display advertising rather than PPC alone.

You can easily make adjustments to your display advertising campaign as it progresses as well, putting you in control of spending while allowing you to adjust spending based upon the results you’re generating for your business.

Utilise Remarketing Techniques

There are a variety of different display advertising techniques you can use to reach your audience members, remarketing being one of them. Remarketing means targeting consumers who have already visited your website and have demonstrated an interest in particular products or services.

Through remarketing display ads, you can remind customers of your brand and offerings and as such, increase more former browsers into current buyers.

Draw Consumers In by Targeting Specific Interests

Many affiliate sites target more than just one product or service and yours might be the same way. If this is the case, it’s important to not just advertise any products or services to consumers but to instead advertise based upon specific interests.

One of the best ways to do this is to create remarketing advertisements as mentioned above. After all, would you click on an ad for a product that you’ve never looked at before? Probably not.

Establishes Your Brand

Familiarity doesn’t always breed liking but familiarity does establish your brand as an authoritative, reliable resource in your industry.

The more you utilise display advertising, the more consumers will see your brand and attribute your diversified web presence to being well-known in the field (and therefore a brand worth buying from).

Simplified Performance Tracking

As is the case with any form of advertising for your business, it’s important to track performance to determine whether or not you should change your strategy, invest more money, or stop the advertisements altogether.

With display marketing, you can easily track the number of clicks per ad to determine whether or not customers are converting or are just clicking. This will help you better clarify a strategy that well lead to the future success of your business.

Better Target Your Audience

Many consumers feel as if the advertisements they receive are random, but they’re not. In fact, you can target consumers based on the websites they’ve visited in the past as well as the keywords they’ve searched for.

Often, this is the reason that conversion rates remain so high for display marketing. As such, you can invest knowing that you’re doing so and can expect a decent number of sales through targeted traffic.

Both affiliates and merchants sometimes struggle to determine how they can best reach not just any consumers, but preferably consumers who are interested in purchasing what you have to offer.

When used properly, display marketing can be a great low cost, high return method for your business. As such, you should explore how you can best utilise this strategy in your marketing to decrease spending elsewhere while enjoying maximum results.

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I would say that banner advertising is still good for brand exposure and re-marketing for a business. As an affiliate you are unlikely to run a business solely by adding banners to an established site rather than by adding value to the brand with content, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their place. Suppose for example that you want to use re-marketing to increase your conversions on one of your product review articles – you could re-market to visitors who spent a good amount of time reading the review on your site but didn’t end up clicking through on your affiliate links to purchase. You could target these people with banners which include testimonials or a discount code or offer available for the product – it seems like they were interested in the product so this follow up action could close the sale. Also as an affiliate, if you’re working on building your own brand* banners can also add credibility – upon seeing your website-branded banners whilst browsing, visitors’ trust in your site will likely increase.


The benefits of banner advertising is if the banner looks nice someone will click on it!. What is better still, if the banner that you are using is also a reviewed product on your website, you can also aim that nice looking banner to your webpage where you have that review where as if that nice looking banner was not there in the first place the said person would not have read your review or visited the merchants website where you could also get a sale from that nice looking banner!
Does that make sense lol I hope so…

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