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Beauty Affiliate Programs

Earn up to 45% commission per sale in the beauty niche

In the age of social media, the desire to look perfect in every photo has driven the huge demand for beauty products. Consumer behaviour is changing and 37.4% of cosmetic sales are now made through non-physical channels.

That means a significantly large number of the population is no  longer buying beauty products from pharmacies, department stores or other physical places. Instead, more people are heading online to find a solution to their needs, and they’re more inclined to try new brands and niches.

As a result, an increasing number of brands are starting out as online retailers and growing hugely successful because they can stay competitive and flexible, be more innovative and quickly deliver new products that customers want.

Online beauty is where it’s at and the forecast for this niche is incredible. Get involved in the fast-growing beauty niche and you’ve got yourself some serious earning potential.

Products to Promote in the Beauty Niche

Choose from a diverse range of beauty related products to promote to your website visitors, including:

Anti-aging creams
Wrinkle reducers
Acne solutions
Skin Lightening
Hair growth
Breast enlargement

Example 3 Beauty Brands

Earn 40% Per Sale

Bauer Nutrition Affiliate Program

Earn 30% Per Sale

XYZ Collagen Affiliate Program

Earn 40% Per Sale

Zeta White Affiliate Program

Demographic & Global Expenditure

Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

$675 billion – the amount the overall beauty industry is expected to reach by 2020

$135 billion – the forecast for the skincare industry alone by 2021

MoreNiche Sales

Beauty offers are a new addition to the MoreNiche network so we’re still gathering sales data for this niche. Stay tuned – it’s looking good!

Worldwide Appeal

Asia-Pacific – the largest market for beauty products with 37% of the entire market share

North America & Western Europe – the 2nd and 3rd biggest regions in market share with 25% and 19% respectively

Key Facts

60% – the percentage of the overall beauty market expenditure women over 45 are responsible for

£40,000 – the amount UK women spend on average on beauty products between ages 50-70

Choose an offer from the beauty niche and join MoreNiche to start promoting now!

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