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BodyBuilding Affiliate Programs

Earn up to 40% commission per sale in the bodybuilding niche

Bodybuilding is back, and in a big way. The once small subculture has hit the mainstream, largely thanks to social media.

Driven by a new generation of bodybuilders with their body selfies and training videos, the industry is enjoying a renaissance as people of all ages, genders and backgrounds, inspired by their Instagram heroes, aspire to achieve peak physical condition.

Power supplements have exploded onto the market and there are countless pills, powders and more designed to help aspiring, amateur and professional bodybuilders achieve success faster than ever.

With the global sports nutrition industry forecast to grow at around 8 per cent per year to $45 billion USD by 2022, bodybuilding is big, big business. Which means there’s big, big commissions up for grabs when you get involved in the affiliate bodybuilding niche.

Products to Promote in the Bodybuilding Niche

Choose from a huge range of bodybuilding and sports nutrition products to promote to your website visitors, including:

Bulking supplements
Cutting supplements
Steroid alternatives
Pre & post workout supplements
Testosterone boosters
HGH alternatives

With 6.56 million gym goers in the UK alone the potential market for bodybuilding supplements is extraordinary. And it’s not just professionals who are buying. While your main market is likely to be younger males looking to build and define muscle, bodybuilding supplements are more mainstream than ever and are hugely popular with everyday gym goers, both male and female, who want something to help them achieve their fitness and body goals. As a MoreNiche affiliate, you’ll have a range of quality supplements ideal to offer whoever you choose to promote to.

Example 3 Bodybuilding Brands

Earn 40% Per Sale

CrazyBulk Affiliate Program

Earn 40% Per Sale

Testogen Affiliate Program

Earn 30% Per Sale

Blackwolf Affiliate Program

Demographic & Global Expenditure

Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

$5.95 billion – the amount the bodybuilding industry was valued at at the end of 2014

10-12%  – the compound annual growth rate of the sports nutrition market across Europe

£358 million – the amount UK sports-related protein product sales alone are predicted to reach by 2018

MoreNiche Sales

85,000 – sales made by MoreNiche affiliates promoting products in the bodybuilding niche

$9.1 million – spent by consumers buying bodybuilding products promoted by MoreNiche affiliates

Over $3 million – paid out in commissions by MoreNiche to affiliates promoting bodybuilding products

*Sales data from 1st Jan – 31 Dec 2016

Worldwide Appeal

U.S. – accounts for more than half of the global sports nutrition market, making it your biggest target market

Australia – has one of the world’s highest per capita users of sports nutrition supplements

UK & Canada – two of the top countries for bodybuilding supplement sales

Key Facts

11% – the estimated percentage of adults who took protein supplements in 2016

50% – the percentage that world sales in the protein industry increased by between 2007 and 2012

8% – the amount the global sports nutrition industry is forecast to grow by 2022

Choose an offer from the bodybuilding niche and join MoreNiche to start promoting now!

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