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Health Affiliate Programs

Earn up to 40% commission per sale in the health niche

Health. It’s fundamental to our well-being and happiness. Regardless of personal income or economic crisis, it’s just about everyone’s top priority, making it an insanely huge business.

Rising population and consumer income, an increasing number of aged people, improving economic activity and modernising retail channels are all contributing to the growth of the global health market. The 2016 dietary supplement market in the U.S. alone was worth an incredible $122 billion and vitamin supplement use accounted for about 42% of the global market share.

As the global population becomes increasingly health-conscious, the demand for health-related products and solutions is unlikely to subside. Which makes it a very profitable niche for you to promote as an affiliate.

Products to Promote in the Health Niche

Because so many different aspects of health are covered in this niche, you can target a huge range of consumers with a variety of different products, including:

Vitamins & minerals
Detox & digestive health  
Joint & muscular pain relief
Snoring solutions
Male enhancement  

Such a diverse range of products to promote gives you a great opportunity to produce plenty of quality content that targets the specific needs of your visitors. With consumers looking not just for physical products but help, advice and guides to help them with their general well-being, specific health issues, or even to complement their bodybuilding or weight loss programs, your opportunities within the health niche are endless!

Example 3 Health Brands

Earn 40% Per Sale

NooCube Affiliate Program

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AirSnore Affiliate Program

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Male Extra Affiliate Program

Demographic & Global Expenditure

Multi-billion Dollar Industry

$132.8 billion – the estimated value of the health supplements market in 2016

$220 billion – the estimated value of the health supplements market by 2022

MoreNiche Sales

50,000 – sales made by MoreNiche affiliates in the health niche

$7.8 million – spent by consumers buying health products promoted by MoreNiche affiliates

$2 million – paid out in commissions by MoreNiche to affiliates promoting health products

*Sales data from 1st Jan – 31 Dec 2016

Worldwide Appeal

Asia-Pacific – the largest market for dietary supplements globally in 2016 and the leading market for vitamin supplements products

North America – accounted for around 28% of the total market share in 2016

Key Facts

66.6% – the percentage of American adults taking dietary supplements each year

46% – the percentage of people in the UK using vitamins and minerals daily

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