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Weight Loss Afiliate Programs

Earn up to 80% commission per sale in the weight loss niche

Weight loss is big business. Especially online. In 2015 the global online weight loss supplement market was valued at $607.2 million USD and it’s the fastest growing segment of the entire weight loss industry. Which means there’s a lot of money to make when you promote products in the weight loss niche.

Increasing awareness of the long-term health risks of being overweight, not to mention society’s media and celebrity-driven obsession with body image has made weight issues a major global concern in the 21st century.

In 2014, over 1.9 billion adults worldwide were overweight or obese and 29 million Brits tried to lose weight. That’s an incredible number of people looking for information, advice, and products that will help them lose the pounds – we’re paying out over $60,000 every week to our top 10 affiliates alone for weight loss sales!

Products to Promote in the Weight Loss Niche

With six out of our top ten advertisers offering weight loss products, you can choose from a huge range of weight loss and weight management products to promote to your website visitors, including:

Appetite suppressants
Calorie burners
Fat binders
Carb blockers
Metabolism boosters
Ready made diet plans

Our weight loss advertisers provide a hugely supportive environment for dieters. Besides high quality supplements, they provide customers expert advice, inspiration and motivation on a huge range of topics through their quality free guides and blogs. Promote a MoreNiche weight loss affiliate program and you can offer your customers reliable, long-term and safe solutions which will enable you to earn money and change lives at the same time.

Example 3 Weight Loss Brands

Earn 40% Per Sale

PhenQ Affiliate Program

Earn 40% Per Sale

Zotrim Affiliate Program

Earn 40% Per Sale

Bauer Nutrition Affiliate Program

Demographic & Global Expenditure

Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

$4.79 billion – the amount the global weight loss supplement market is expected to reach in revenue by 2020

$607.2 million – the amount the online global weight loss supplement market was valued at in 2015

5.3% – the expected compound annual growth rate of the global weight loss supplement market between 2016-2020

MoreNiche Sales

108,000 – sales made by MoreNiche affiliates in the weight loss niche

$8.5 million – spent by consumers buying weight loss products promoted by MoreNiche affiliates

$3.3 million – paid out in commissions by MoreNiche to affiliates promoting weight loss products

*Sales data from 1st Jan – 31 Dec 2016

Worldwide Appeal

North America – the largest weight loss & management market, accounting for more than one-third of sales in 2015

China and the US – accounted for 55% of global online sales in 2015, making them the leading end-users

Europe – one of the biggest weight management target markets worldwide 

Key Facts

73% – the percentage of American men who are overweight, compared to 63% of women

29 million – the number of Brits who tried to lose weight in 2014

3 out of 4 – the number of people aged 15+ projected to be overweight or obese by 2018 in countries like the USA, Mexico and Venezuela

Choose an offer from the weight loss niche and join MoreNiche to start promoting now!

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