How to Break into The Adult Market – My Adult Affiliate Marketing Guide

Many affiliates avoid the adult niche, believing it is much harder to get traffic to than more mainstream products. But although social media and video marketing can be a little trickier, the adult market is really not as hard as some may think. For starters, it’s not nearly as competitive!

Become an Affiliate in The Adult Niche

Why Is the Adult Market Less Competitive?

A lot of people tend to feel uncomfortable and perhaps somewhat embarrassed about promoting adult brands online. Because of this, many affiliates turn down the opportunity to make money from this niche.

You might feel strange about promoting adult brands initially, but you’ll soon feel differently as you get used to the niche – and once the sales start coming in! And don’t forget, there are many people happy to write content for this niche on a freelance basis. Once you get over the initial strangeness, you’ll find adult products are really no different to mainstream brands.

The fact is, thousands and thousands of people are looking to buy products within the adult market, so there’s no reason why you can’t have a successfully ranking website within this niche.

What to Do to Start Promoting Best Adult Affiliate Programs

Starting an Adult Website

When creating an adult focused site, rather than using the power of social, video or even backlinks, the key is to provide rich content that will drive visitors to your site.

Although social media and video can work well for adult brands if done in an informative way; for example, posting a weekly infographic or answering common penis enlargement questions on YouTube, many affiliates tend to find this way harder because the sites that host this information can often be a little stricter on what is shown to their users.

But if you are just starting out in this niche, before you even think about any kind of social media strategy I recommend focusing first  on creating a large, content driven, informational site aimed at providing visitors with advice on the subject, along with some product recommendations.

Let’s use the Penis Enlargement niche as an example:

First, you need a generic domain that is based on the niche.

Your next step is to break the main niche down into sub-niches which will act as categories on the site.

For this niche, you could use categories such as:

  • Penis Enlargement
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Peyronies Disease
  • Penis Extenders
  • Penis Pumps
  • Penis Pills
  • Sexual Health
  • Product Reviews

You can now use these categories to structure where the content that you write will be featured. For example, if you write an article entitled “What are penis extenders?” you can place this within the “Penis Extenders” category.

Ratio of Articles VS Product Reviews

I recommend having a ratio of at least 10 generic articles to 1 product review. This will help ensure that you build a primarily content driven site rather than one that is purely focused on selling products. A good, content driven site will ideally have as many generic articles as possible, all of which will be unique and of good quality.

You will find that as you add more and more content you will begin ranking for terms that you may not have initially been focusing on.


Limit Affiliate Links

The problem many affiliates have is that they place affiliate links on every page. This often gives a spammy impression to search engines and affects their site ranking. You should only place affiliate links on your product reviews. You can then feed traffic from your articles through to your reviews.

If you’re using banners in your side bar, why not link these through to product reviews instead of directly to the merchant? You may find your click through reduce, but your conversions will increase as you may get more traffic and find that you are also pre-selling better.


What NOT To Do

Now you know what to you, you need to understand what not to do. Even though the product is of adult nature, that doesn’t mean it’s going to convert on sites that have porn on them. In fact, it won’t. Because potential customers looking for these types of products do their research. They want to learn about the different products, what features it has, the company behind it etc. – just like they do with mainstream products.

If you want to be successful in this – and indeed any niche – it’s not about churning out site after site with useless information. It’s about providing decent information to those that are genuinely looking for a product to help with a specific need. Doing this will ensure your site converts, and you become a successful affiliate.


The Long Run Pays Out

Like any successful affiliate site, your new adult focussed site won’t rank straight away and it will require your time and dedication. But because of the high commissions available, a venture into the adult niche can be extremely lucrative and well worth it in the long run.

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